Help! My 9 Yr Old Is Having Nose Bleeds! Any Advice, Suggestions?

Updated on February 06, 2010
J.H. asks from Tampa, FL
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Hi everyone! I know for the most part nose bleeds are common in children. I am concerned b/c my 9 yr old is having nose bleeds more frequently in the last few weeks. They stop pretty quickly but come outta no where! We are going to call his Dr in the morning and also follow up with a ENT as well to rule anything out but, does very worried as any other parent out there, thinking it might be a sign of something more serious?

Are there any mom's out there going through the same thing? Any helpful words of wisdome or advice? I think im being too paranoid but I just cant help worrying........

Any advice, suggestions would be great!

J. H
Tampa Fl

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So What Happened?

OK, how crazy is this. Hubby to son to Dr b/c he had another nose bleed so close together. Before we were even able to get him seen by a ENT, The Pedi said he has a bad nose infection & started him on antibiotics. He told us that he DOES need to see a ENT to get checked out. The nose bleeds are come from scabes that have not healed in his nose and then start bleeding. Pedi did a CBC and ruled out any abnormal blood levels to thats great news! I am making a appt with the ENT to see where we go from here.Thanks everyone for your great advice! :) You guys rock!

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My husband used to get them all the time. I finally made him rub a little vaseline on the inside to keep it from getting too dry...he rarely has them anymore! I would try that. His nose might just be too dry!

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My boys used to get nose bleeds all the time. Sometime during this cold weather it happens, but my boys were during the summer and it would freak out other people. The ENT carterized (sp) the bleader and they have not had one since. Good luck.



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my first question always is... does s/he pick their nose? that can cause nose bleeds!



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I had nosebleeds all the time when I was young and when I was pregnant. One nosebleed would cause many many more in the days to follow because the nose takes a while to heal and if you blow your nose, well there goes another nosebleed. I would put vasaline in the nose and use a humidifier in the room. Tell her to try not to bother with her nose, even when she really wants too. Her nose needs time to heal. she may be picking at a scab which is healing. But vaseline works great and helps the vessels in the nose heal and keeps the insides from feeling dry.



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I used to get nose bleeds ALL the time when I was a kid. I remember sitting in class, and my nose would just start to bleed for no reason. I didn't see a doctor and wasn't ever prescribed anything - my Mum was a nurse and thought it was dry air (I can't remember if my nose would bleed in the winter or all year round - I just remember that my nose would bleed without notice or reason for a few years...gosh, I remember my nose bleeding on roller coasters!) I just carried tissues with me and was prepared when it happened. The spontanious nose bleeds eventually just stopped (I think they started when I was 10 and lasted until 12).



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maybe her nose is really dry. I know myself and others get nosebleeds out f nowhere when it is dry. even if you dont live in a very dry climate your own air in your house could be dry. might want to try a humidifier if the tests come out negative(nothings wrong). If there isnt any pain like headaches or anything when they happen i dont think it is anything serious. Ive also read that nosebleeds can happen if a person is very stressed or anxiety-ridden. Does he seem stressed out about something? Ask him about these things and try to narrow it down. I think you shouldnt worry yourself too much though. Hope this helps.



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One of my sons gets nosebleeds every now and then, particularly in winter. I think it's due to the dry air. Seems like they're less frequent this winter, though. Light swab of vaseline inside the nose might help. I've never been overly concerned about them. Maybe I should be?!



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My daughter used to have gushers! We had her nose cauterized 3 or 4 times. The last time was over 5 years ago...
Don't sweat it.



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As a child, I had constant nose bleeds that came out of no where from about age 7 to 13. It was horrible for me (mostly embarrassing, no one wants to be the kid in class with blood streaming out of her nose). My mom took me to an ENT who did some kind of cauderizing to the blood vessels in my nose, but I don't think it helped. Finally they just stopped for no reason. Check to make sure that his nose isn't too dry inside. There are some lubricants out there you can put in to get rid of the dryness, that can cause them, especially in winter. You may want to have his doctor order a blood count just for your own piece of mind, but sometimes some kids are just more prone to them than others and for no particular reason.

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