HELP!! My 9 Year Old Peed on the Floor of His Room!

Updated on September 23, 2007
K.B. asks from Creedmoor, NC
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I was helping my nine year old son clean his room when I discovered that he had intentionally peed in the corner of his room!! He is a very intellegent child, above average in school. What in the world would make this child act out like this!?! He is an only child. HIs father and myself are happliy married, he gets plenty of attention.

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So What Happened?

Well I too believe in disipline but it is very important to me that he tell the truth to me. At my house our rule stands that if he teels the truth he doesn't get into 'trouble' but if he tells a lie he gets into trouble for what he did and for lying. He was made to clean the area and disinfect it, and he knows that if this ever happens again he will be in deep trouble.
There is absolutely no way that I could or would 'rub his nose in it.'
Thanks for your help.

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You didn't mention if he was upset about cleaning his room or if he did it while you were in the room...It's possible that he did it before you ever went into the room, right? So, I'll share this story with you:

I took my 10 year old clothes shopping. We were in the dressing room a while, but not "forever". When he finished in the dressing room, he came out with his sweatshirt wrapped around his waist. Eventually, I found out that he had wet his pants.

As you know, by the ages of our sons, they do NOT pee in their pants on purpose. He was extremely embarrassed. It was simply an accident - he had to pee, but wanted to finish the clothes thing, and then he had to go so BAD that it just came out.

So, my question to you is, could your son have had an incident like this where he was playing and then suddenly just had to go? Didn't want to wet on himself, but couldn't make it to the bathroom? Are you sure he was acting out?

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My son did this too! I am so glad to hear your request. My son did it when he was 6, and he hates to go to the bathroom alone and he also hates to stop playing to go the bathroom, so he figured out a way to pee under the bed. Of course, it didn't happen too many times before it was noticed. I guess he was just trying to be resourceful and find a way around a what he saw as a problem (also a very bright child.) In the end, my reaction(along with the fact that he had to clean it up himself) was enough to let him know that it wasn't appropriate and it never happened again. As disturbing as this was for me, I realized that kids are kids. They learn their boundaries. Some times the lessons are easy and sometimes they are hard (and gross).

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well i guess it depends on what kind of discipline you will give. I am all for discipline and this might sound mean and gross but rub his nose in it. No children are not dogs but they do have to be taught right and wrong and some kids just don't get it just by talking.

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How do you know he did it on purpose? I had a friend (an adult) who dreamed he went to the restroom and did the same thing one night. He had no idea until I brought it up the next day. This may be the case with your son.



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Is it possible something is bothering him? What about a medicl issue? Only a thought.



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That sounds very logical that he would be half asleep and do something like that, but if that's not the case maybe he just did it to "see what it was like". Knowing it was something he wasn't supposed to do...just to do it. I think you certainly took the right approach in having him clean it up.

Rubbing his nose in it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of in my life- and I thank god you would never consider doing that.



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did you ask him why he did that?
I'd just let him know that he has to clean it up and he's got to have some sort of consequence. take something away. and maybe add some sort of chore on top of that. like cleaning all the walls in his room or all the carpets. whatever you think he can do and will seem like punishment.



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Did it happen when he was fully awake and aware of what he was doing?
I ask because when I was a teenager my younger brother had a couple of incidences where he 'woke up' at night and peed in some strange places in the house. He didnt wake up all the way and really thought he was in the bathroom using the toilet. He was about 8 or 9yrs old at the time.

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