Help! My 9 Months Old Baby Started to Wake up Numerous Times During the Night

Updated on January 01, 2009
M.B. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi mamas,
I am asking you one more time for help and advice. My precious 9 months old baby girl from the past 10 days started to wake up numerous times during the night. She goes to sleep at about 8.30 PM and at 11.00 PM is the first time when she wakes up recently and then again in every hour and a half until 4.00 AM. I am very doubtful that is might be due teethening, but few times she woke up screeming and seems very scared/ and i am thinking that she might have night mares/. Please give me your opinion and what to do if its either one of the above.
I was also wandering what teething gel i can used to make her feel better. Today she was very fussy and i can see that her gums were bothering her so very much. I gave her cold teething ring as well cold towel to chew on it, but that's all.

The other question i have is what are good snacks and finger foods for her. She recently started to eat finger foods and she loved it. Almost all finger foods and biscuits i saw in the stores are for the age of 10+ months.

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There are lots of things that it could be:

She could be waking up when she is a little bit wet, there could be some noise (like a heater going on) that is waking her up, she could be too hot or too cold. She could just be waking up, noticing that she is alone and wants someone with her. It also could be nightmares. The best thing that I can tell you is to reassure her and try and get her back to sleep. Most babies have a period of restlessness and just seem to need time to figure out how to self soothe.

I gave my daughter tylenol the nights that she seemed to really be in some pain and I knew there was a tooth because I could feel it coming in and she slept like a dream.

Cheerios or something like that, sweet chinese rice crackers (similar to those nam nam things), pieces of small soft fruits, softened veggies, little cuts of fruit leather, she might be ready for those finger foods and biscuits at 9 months so just watch her with some at first and if she does okay then go for it! My daughter was through with baby food before we even began and did very well with stuff off of our plate way earlier than she should have.



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It sounds like you answered your first question yourself. If her gums are bothering her during the day, it is probably likely that it also is the issue at night. Something else that strikes around 9 months is separation anxiety, which made my son a more frequent waker as well. Instead of putting themselves back to sleep they might realize you're not there and cry.

Finger foods - don't feel like you need to be dependent on what the stores have to offer! Try grated cheese (mozzarella, jack, cheddar, etc.), small pieces of hard boiled egg, boiled pieces of vegetables (carrot, potato, broccoli - anything that's boiled until "gummable"), avocado, etc.



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Well M., in my opinion these other mamas got some good advice for you, I have 2 already and am working on #3, it has been my experience that if you run to your baby with every cry, yes teething or not that later on she will continue to expect it, now dont get me wrong, I am not saying ignore your child, I am saying to take your time, give her 10 or 15 minutes to fall back asleep if she can and if you do go in there check her diaper, make sure she is full but dont spend an hour rocking her, trust me you will regret it later, about giving tylenol or any "natural" remidies regularly, well if it is long going talk to your child's doctor about it, even tylenol is not good for your child regularly.
I promise you this too will pass and you will look back on it and laugh at yourself, I have many a time over! Best of luck:)



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Hi M.,
Both my girls would wake up in the middle of the night when they were teething. I would use teething tablets and if that did not work I would give them some children's tylenol.
For gum relief during the day I would rub her gums with the gerber infant toothbrush. She would love it!
Good luck!



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Check out the blog on the same day you posted this one - "once a great sleeper turned impossible at night".

Also, when they are mad and teething - I found that the homeopathic remedy - Chamomilla - worked wonders! You can also use ground cloves (the spice), make a little watery paste with them, and put them on the gums with a Qtip or finger - this is a GREAT numbing solution. Works better than Baby Ambersol in my opinion, or you can get Baby Ambersol. The cloves even worked for me when I got home from the dentist and had a very sore mouth. One swish, pain was gone.