HELP! My 7 Yr Old's Face Is Swollen!

Updated on February 06, 2011
M.G. asks from Independence, KY
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Good Morning Ladies!
For the last few days my 7 yr old son has been complaining for 3 days that his tooth and jaw hurt... DDS visit yesterday with xray showed his 7 yr old molars pushing thru. I have been giving advil and oragel round the clock... PROBLEM: This am he woke up and he looks like he had his wisdome teeth pulled on the left side of his face!! He is in severe pain (he never complains about pain... EVER and he is just laying on the floor crying) Does anyone know if this significant pain/swelling is normal?? This is my 3rd child and I have never seen this before
Thanks in Advance

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So What Happened?

Thank you all!! After posting, I stopped second guessing what my gut was telling me all along & took him in again... Eventhough it had only been 12 hours since the last time he was there it in fact did get infected!! He has had four doses of antibiotic and the swelling is what I call "reasonable" now and he is feeling better... Thank you all for your input

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I would call your dentist and describe the swelling and the level of pain. This does not seem normal.

If it is an abcess, I would want a dentist to see it soon.

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Poor little guy.. might be an infection, or absess on the new tooth, or in the lymp nodes. I'd take him to a walk in clinic if you can't get in touch with the dentist. Might need an antibiotic for it to get better. Isn't it strange how it's always a weekend when it happens?

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OMG! Take him to the dentist NOW! That is an infected tooth that needs to be drained and taken care of NOW! He needs to be on antibiotics. It can damage the adult teeth around it. My son had that happen, it got misdiagnosed and mistreated before it got to that point. Don't let them pull it, he needs it to allow his jaw to grow and form right to fit his adult teeth. They can and should put a crown on it after doing a baby root canal (not the same as an adult root canal).
Give him some Tylenol and get him to see a dentist NOW..a pediatric dentist is even better if you have one you can go to.
Poor thing. I feel his pain. Best of luck!

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Doesnt sound normal to me, sounds more like an abcess. I read recently that apple cider vinegar swished around the sore area takes away the pain, not sure if it works or whether your 7 yr old could tolerate the vinegar, but if its an instant fix it's worth a try and wouldnt be dangerous. Give him an ice pack and make him comfy on the couch with some cartoons, the swelling going down by the cool ice will help with the pain as well.

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Sounds like an abscess. This happened to me but it was around the time my wisdome teeth were coming in, I was in my 20's. My mom was over and urged me to go to the ER (it was around 11 at night when I got off work). They brought the abscess down and gave me antibiotics.

So, even if you can't get a hold of your dentist right away you should take him to the ER, it could get serious if not taken care of. Poor guy.

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As everyone else has said, call or take him in right away.

Do you take him to a pediatric dentist as opposed to a general dentist? I would definitely go to a pediatric dentist if you're not already.



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Take him to the dentist asap

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