Help My 3 Month Has a Cold S

Updated on March 19, 2008
D.P. asks from Torrance, CA
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my daugther is 3 months old and has a cold, i took her to the doc, and he said there is nothing he can do, he have done everything any suggustions...???

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone, Hannah is still sick i will let everyone know how things are going
thank you everyone for your help

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When my 2 month old had a cold...there wasn't too much we could do. Use the bulb suction and the nasal spray to keep the nose moistened and suck out all the gunk. You can also put the humidifier on at night if you are using a heater. It definitely helps. Also, I put mine in her car seat to sleep upright at night for a few days. It seemed to work well with her breathing. You can put the mattress in an upright position in her crib if that's where she's sleeping. Mine is still in her bassinet and I could make it upright because there's not much space, hence the carseat! Hope that helps. Steam from the shower is nice too...not too hot though:)
Don't worry she will get better, and she's building up her little system.

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I would definitely check with your pediatrician before using the Vicks. If your ped says yes, put it on the soles of her feet and put some socks on. I know it sounds crazy, but this really works to help with a cough and somewhat with congestion. Also, if your ped says you can use it, get the Vicks Vapo Rub for babies -- there is one for adults and one for babies.

The thing that always helped our boys when they were sick as babies was to go in the bathroom, close the door, and turn on the shower really hot. Then just sit on the toilet while the room filled with steam. Sit as long as you can stand it. This loosens up everything, and more importantly, relaxes the lungs to help with the cough.

Also, have her sleep in her bouncy seat in a reclined position rather than flat on her back. Be sure to belt her in. She won't cough so much if she is sleeping this way.

I hope she feels better soon!
Take care,



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I'm a mother of four ages ranging from 19 years old to my son whom just turned 1 and he has had plenty of colds as recent as two weeks ago, I found that the Vicks vaporizor truly helps leave it on all night in the room where the baby is sleeping make sure you do this as long as she has the cold and you will notice that within two to three days the baby will be much better, also saline nose drops are great. Good Luck..


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As a mom and holistic healthcare practitioner, I know what the docs say and then I know what I do with my kid and many of my clients and their children. The truth is there is SOOOOO much you can do. You can give probitiocs, but not the garbage sold now in foods and pharmacies. You can also give colostrum and/or nucleotides (you'll see them on the formula they are active ingredients in human breast milk, so they are completely safe and natural and already given to your child if you nurse), and then if those do not help then allicidin complex from PRL works wonders. Your child is so young, you only need about 1/3 of a capsule of any of these (unless the cold prolongs or becomes more severe) and you open the capsule and mix into the milk/formula - whatever you feed your child.

For more of these types of remedies, you can visit our Center or our website. All of the remedies I mentioned here are available at our center. We use the most natural and free of toxins and toxic tagalong nutrients available.
I use them with so many children who are so healthy, smart and well off, better than most. Good luck!

J. Eltman, MPH, RD
Preventive & Therapeutic Holistic Health
Author: The NO DIET Diet: Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes



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I had a four month old little girl with a pretty bad sinus and chest cold for almost 6 weeks! NOT FUN! My heart goes out to you. The best things we did was baths/showers (for steam) every night, humidifier (with eucalyptus oil in the oil spot) at night and for naps, Little Ones makes a chest rub that you can use on young babies, and they also make a saline solution to squirt up their noses....they don't love it...but it helps keep them loose and the salt kills the germs. Other than that, just lots of love and rest for her. At night i always give her a dose of tylonol to help her sleep while she's sick.

Hope that helps!



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If you don't have one already, get a cool mist humidifier (use the menthol medicine - Kaz Inhalant or Vick's)for when she sleeps. After 2-3 days, you'll notice the difference. Keep her slightly propped up so she can breathe better.Also, if she has a runny or stuffy nose, use the nasal aspirator from the hospital to clear all the mucus. The first cold is always the hardest. My son caught his first cold when he was 1 year and the doctor gave him C-Phen for cough and cold.

There's always something that can be done...



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I am a HUGE Vick's vapor rub fan. But your little one is too young to use it directly on her. A humidifier will offer her a huge amount of relief. Also, when you anyone in your family takes a shower, stick her in the bathroom in a bouncy seat or car seat and then suction out her nose after the shower. the steam will release the mucus. Poor little sweetheart. It's so sad when they don't feel good.



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Try the baby vicks on the chest and Johnson's vapor bath.
Also a humidifier and elevate her when she sleeps.
That's about it.....I wish her well.



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My now 4 month old just got over two back-to-back colds. In addition to the humidifier and saline nose spray recommended by others, I would also recommend having your baby sleep in a "Papasan" seat (I think made by Fisher Price). It is not as upright as a regular bouncy seat or car seat, and seems to be a little wider. We tried the tilted mattress idea and the baby just slid down, sometimes tilted sideways.

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