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Updated on November 05, 2009
T.T. asks from Mechanicsburg, PA
7 answers

Help!! We've just relocated to the Mechanicsburg area and would like to get plugged into some moms groups and playgroups for my little guys- ages 2 years and 7 months. If anyone has information I would really appreciate it!

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answers from Harrisburg on

Hello T.,

I've just relocated from Los Angelos ,CA to Mechanicsburg , PA . I have a 2 year old girl and we'd love to meet new friends , If you are interested let me know!



answers from York on

Dear T.,
Check out It's the web site for the international MOMS club & has links to locate a chapter near you. I am the current secretary for my chapter (central York). The $30 annual dues are DEFINITELY worth it! My group has a Moms Night Out (our is tonight & it's something I've been looking forward to.) BTW, it's the ONLY event that kids (other than nursing infants) and other relatives are NOT invited to, other than activities in individual homes. Hope this helps & you're able to find groups for you & your kids.



answers from Harrisburg on

HI! I am one of the coordinators for our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)group. We meet at CLA (Christian Life Assembly) on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 9:00-11:15. We are starting our Fall semester in Sept. and will finish in May. You do need to register ahead of time. We have speakers, crafts, food, and time to just get to know each other. If you, or anyone else, wants more information just go to Look under ministries, adult, women, MOPS.



answers from Harrisburg on

Where do you live in Mechanicsburg? My neighborhood has a playgroup. My kids have outgrown it...but I know it's still active. We also have a pool in our neighborhood which is a great way to meet people.

I'm also remembering that I used to take my kids to a play time at the West Shore YMCA on Trindle road. It was a once a week thing.




answers from Harrisburg on

Mom’s Meeting Mom’s
5315 East Trindle Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

November 11th, 2008 @ 6:00

Just think… a peaceful diner, a glass of wine or two, and not one person yelling “MOMMY.”

Can you imagine that!!!

Hi, My name is H. and I am a mother of two beautiful little boys. Owen is going on 4 years and Sam will be 6 months. I get to stay home with them and just be a mom. I love what I do, but let’s face it, what we as moms do is a 24/7. I strongly believe that mom’s do not have enough outlets for themselves to just get away to and enjoy “me time.” So with the help of some friends the idea came about to have a place where other mom’s can safely get together, have diner and meet each other. This is a great time to get advice, make friends (adult conversation), play dates, and networks yourselves and your services.

Please join me at the Trindle Café on November 11, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. to meet other local moms in the area. Bring some other mothers who may benefit from a night out.

Food will be available for purchase. Take a look at their menu

You are more than welcome to bring your favorite drink or a bottle of wine.
Please keep in mind it is not required!

R.S.V.P is not required but would be greatly appreciated.
If attending and possible, please email me at [email protected] A simple email with just your first name and the number of guest attending with you would help me to have the proper amount of seating.

We all love of little bundles of joy, but we do ask that just for one night you leave them behind. Focus the night on you and only you. You’ll be thankful you did!!!



answers from Harrisburg on

Check out My Gym Children's Fitness Center, on the Carlisle Pike - once you have your membership, you can sign-up for classes and free-play! Great opportunities to socialize with other moms, to get out of the house on days the weather isn't nice to go to the park, etc. Check out Central Penn Parent - there's a coupon a lot of times!!!

Also, check the schedules at the Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill libraries for times to take the kids to toddler times.

There is the fun fort on Lisburn Road (Lower Allen Twp Park) that would be heaven to the 2 yr old!!! There is also a really nice park, Koser Park, in the development beside the Giant on Simpson Ferry.

I don't belong to any mom's groups, but I've made a few good friends along the way just by talking when I am out and setting up play dates!

Welcome to the neighborhood!



answers from Harrisburg on

You can check out I know they have a mom's group on the West shore. I am curretly involved with a mom's group on the East shore that is through We typically have about 2-3 playgroups a week. Hope this helps.

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