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Updated on October 28, 2008
T.L. asks from Houston, TX
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I live in Houston and I am getting married on July 18, 2009. I am asking for any ideas. I am looking for a DJ, I have a hall, but if any one knows, of some that, you can just rent the place and you bring your own food. I also need a person or place that makes nice wedding cakes reasonably. Some one who caters food for 200 people? Oh and maybe, a limo service that is reasonable .If anyone has any ideas of links for me to check out or any other questions feel free to ask.

T. Lawton
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answers from Houston on

I am interested in helping I just need the following questions answered:

how many people?

Is my fee coming out of the 200.00?

Finger food or full menu?

[email protected]



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for the cake, there is a bakery called "who made the cake?". the owner/chef is the mom of a little girl in my child's preschool. i can attest to how fantastic the cakes are! now, i don't know about expense....



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I know some one that makes wedding cakes her name is Shawna ###-###-#### C. Hunter referred you.Hi again Shawna would like to call her on her cell phone ###-###-#### Thanks again C.



answers from Houston on

May sound a little strange, but try Randall's grocery store for the cake. That is where we got our wedding cake. It was good and much less expensive than those private bakeries. I don't know what kind of food you are looking for, but for our wedding we did things very informally. We ordered a bunch of party trays (also from Randall's) and just hung out with everyone.

We had a good friend DJ for us, so that didn't cost a penny. Maybe you know someone who can and is willing to do this for you. Our guy wasn't a professional DJ either, just a friend who played tapes and CDs for us over the sound system.

Sorry I don't have suggestions for any of the other things. Congratulations!

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