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Updated on March 31, 2008
W.F. asks from Ridgecrest, CA
13 answers

ihave 4 girls and have busy lie i am going back to work after my twins they are 4 months old , i have been off work since i was 4 months , i need help with quick ideas for weight loss that wont take alot of time since my time is limted !! any ideas or food ideas help ease i want to tone my body up afterhe twins

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answers from Sacramento on

i think weight watchers is great for time restraints. it's easy, and you can do it online or go to classes once a week or do both. i've known many to have great outcomes. i've restarted myself... i dont' think theres any simple fix, walk on your lunch break... watch your meal mortion sizes... amazing what we eat is usually twice as much as we actually need. :)

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answers from Fresno on

Hi W.! I tried all kinds of things to lose weight, but in the end what worked was exercise (I walk with my little one in the baby jogger, and have my 5-year old ride her bike alongside me), and portion control. Watching the amount of what I eat has been the hardest part for me. What worked well for me since I work full time and hate spending lots of time in the kitchen, was to do Dream Dinners. I was amazed when I started doing those, that I had time for a 1-hour walk every day after work, could still get a healthy dinner on the table by 6:30, and the portions are the right size. After sort of resigning myself to the last 10 pounds of my "baby weight," I have lost 15 pounds in about 6 months just by walking and portion control. Plus, if you are able to take your kids with you when you walk, you teach them that you value exercise and being healthy and active. It's good for all of you!



answers from Merced on

If you are still nursing then keep nursing or pumping. The extra calories your body needs to make will help you loose weight and increases your metabolism. As for the eating part Weight Watchers is a great way to learn healthy eating. Good luck.



answers from Sacramento on

I just got back on Weight Watchers. The last time I did it I lost 30 lbs in 3 mos. Of course I got pregnant after that and gained it all back (and 30 lbs more)!! But being busy I've found it very easy. I know there are other diets- Nutra System, etc.- that work really well, but I've heard you spend most of your time eating, which is hard to do when you're so busy. And you can do it online, so you don't have to take the time to go to a meeting. Or, get a hold of the books and do it yourself. That's what I do :) Good luck & take care!!



answers from San Diego on

How I lost the baby weight:

1. LOTS of water. Carry water with you everywhere so it will just become second nature to drink it.
2. Eat 5 x 300 calarie meals a day. (well, at 300 cals they are more like snacks.) I start with a bowl of cereal in the am, snack is low fat yoguart, a lean cuisine for lunch, handful of almonds for midday snack and then a small meal for dinner.

Don't get me wrong - I was hungrey during the day but I was fitting into my normal clothes 6 weeks later. (I had to go back to work). Now I'm used to it and my husband thinks I'm thinner than before the baby! Good luck!



answers from Bakersfield on

Just take it one day at a time start your day off with oatmeal try the low fat low calorie diet it only allows you to have 1800 calories a day. Also visit free



answers from San Francisco on

Check out "Body Balance" on my website. Call me if it 'peeks' your interest.
L. ###-###-####



answers from San Francisco on

Hi W.,

I lost the rest of my baby weight (and then some!) on the Isagenix cleansing and weight loss system. It all natural and is easy to use and people have had great success on it. I've been on it for four months and feel better and have more energy than I have in a long time.

What I like the most about Isagenix is that it is a lifestyle change. I started the program to drop the last 5 lbs, but 4 months later I've lost 15 lbs, I'm eating all organic foods and am really cognizant of what I put in my body. It has been easy for me b/c I don't have a ton of time to go to the gym. The program reccommends 20 minutes of exercise a day, but realistically I probably go to the gym 2-3 times per week.

There is a great video that describes the 30 day program - I love the products so much that I now sell them, so if you ever need coaching or more info, let me know!




answers from Chico on

Hiya W.,
I bet you are tired. I would suggest the first thing you do is try and find a bit of sleep, and then go somewhere quiet, without distraction, and write up a schedule. For example, if you know what you are going to eat for the next three days, and you have the food already made and waiting for you in the fridge, it is a whole lot easier to make good food choices.
I think we all know how to eat healthy, but get distracted, tired, overwhelmed, and emotionally wiped out, and quick food fixs do us in.
My neighbor has this 10 day plan, where she would write up the menue, go to the grocery store once, and then be set. I cound not do that consistently for 10 days, but I have found that the three day plan works for me.
Also, there is a great weight loss doctor in Chico, Redding and Red Bluff, Dr. Powell, and he is very kind and understanding and has some great alternatives to help you get your metabolism jump started. I went to him and lost 34 pounds in 3 months.
Good Luck,



answers from Sacramento on

Park as far away from stores as possible. Take stairs whenever you can. Walk with kids as much as possible. Phase 8: Eating for Weight Loss

Step 7: Review

A nutritious diet will help you lose weight if you’ve put on a few extra pounds (or more than a few). Making small, sensible changes is much better for your body than going on a diet that may leave it deprived of nutrients that it requires. Here are a few specific pointers:

Avoid fad diets. These include ones that steeply limit the fat or carbs in the food you eat, or urge you to eat one type of food every day.
Cut back calories for a gradual weight loss. You should only aim to lose one or two pounds a week. To lose a pound requires you to create a “calorie deficit” of 3,500 calories, which you can do by taking in fewer calories or burning off more. Ideally you should do both. So it’s reasonable to lose a pound a week by cutting back only 250 calories and burning off an extra 250 calories per day.
Pay attention to your food. Whenever you eat something, take the time to really enjoy it. This can keep you from eating without realizing you’re taking in calories.
Watch your portion sizes. A box or can of food is likely intended to provide you with more than one serving, and the portions served in restaurants tend to be far larger than you really need. Eat only sensible portions, and save the remaining food for later.
Eat frequently. Having small meals and snacks throughout the day keeps you from getting too hungry. Just make sure that your total calories for the day don’t exceed what you need.
Plan ahead. Keep a shopping list going of healthy meal and snack ingredients you’ll need for the coming week. That helps make sure that you won’t have to make do with less



answers from Sacramento on

check out It is a free community site that focuses on changing habits and making you healthy. I lost ... 60 lbs. :)



answers from Sacramento on

A LOT OF WATER!!!! (like half of your weight in ounces of water... example: 100 lbs, drink 50oz of water).

There is a rice combination that I used for awesome good carbs - Equal part of each: barley, Basmati brown rice, Rye. Don't let the sound of this scare you; if you like brown rice at all, you will like this. If you put it with vegetable, you will have plenty of fiber, too.

Also, Arbonne has a great weight loss program. here is the link to see their products. If you are interested, I can help you with your order.

Have a great day,



answers from Sacramento on

Hi W.,
Here's my "top 10" that have been helping me (I need to lose 40 lbs by July, have lost 8 in the last 3 weeks since 'getting serious'). My #1 tip is don't skip breakfast -even if it's just a nonfat yogurt. I have been a breakfast skipper for many years and only just began making a point to have them daily (normal sized meal or a snack sized something.. with protein in it). I have to lose weight for surgery and am very motivated by that to drop weight I've let pile on. My #2 is to either skip late night snacking or to snack on something low cal like grapes or fresh orange slices (my 2 fave night snacks), but never eat anything close to when you're going to bed. #3 is start making fruit smoothies in your blender everyday (or every other). They're quick and easy to make, add more fresh fruit into your diet, help fill you up super low cal, and even add more water in (I just blend fresh fruit and ice, nothing else --unless it's for breakfast, then I add yogurt in). #4 have a green salad everyday, light on the dressing (and, preferrably, a light dressing to start w/) -and add a little bit of your favorite nut to it, chopped up --lean meat (chicken, fish..) if you can. #5 cook several days worth of your main meal &/or protein and store it portioned for the next several days, easy to grab or reheat (and watching portions goes in w/ that one). #6 whatever exercise you enjoy, find time for it daily even if it's just 10 minutes in the morning and another 10 at night. I can't exercise "normally" right now (my surgery is for lessened mobility problems), but try to do whatever I possibly can -everyday (no matter how piddly). #7 make sure you have protein in every meal, or every meal that you can manage it (lean protein, of course). #8 drink lots of water and decaf beverages (and skip soda all together if you can --I gave it up almost 6 yrs ago and now only have a gingerale or 7up when I have sore throat.. soothing bubbles). #9 don't avoid all the yummy stuff, let yourself have something when you want it, but within reason -and definitely in a moderate portion. And, don't waste your treat on something that isnt' worth it; if you're going to have a yummy treat, make it a worthwhile one and savor it in small portion. #10 for toning, see if you can work in some pilates at home or weight toning at the gym. For me right now, it's physical therapy, but I hope to get back to more 'real' toning when I can. You can use any of these that you want to; they've all been working for me and I've adopted them permanently. I wish you luck!

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