Help Me Find a Cell Phone and Plan!!!

Updated on February 04, 2011
G.W. asks from Portage, WI
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I've always been on my family's family plan but now I want to get a cell phone of my own for a business I'm starting, to have a business number. I definitely do NOT want to pay extra for a data plan - just talking and texting. No internet browsing, unless it's included at no extra cost. I think I'd prefer to not have a contract - just a month to month thing. I really don't have any idea what I'm going to have to spend (I'd like to keep it under $50 per month). I also don't know about what the service is like around DFW. I know there's Metro PCS, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, United Cellular, and probably others I don't even know about. Can anyone recommend anything that would work for me (or something I should stay away from?)

Thanks SO much for your help!!!

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answers from Dallas on

My hubby and I just got phones from 3 months ago. We paid 19.99 each for a phone, and we pay 25 bucks each a month for 750 minutes each. The coverage is absolutely fine, and if you want to text, it costs you one minute each, but no big can buy more minutes than that, or you can even get a nicer phone than we did, but we were looking to cut costs wherever we could. Sounds like this might be the type of plan you're looking for.

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answers from Lansing on

Check into Boost Mobile, it runs off the Sprint towers. It's like 50$ a month for unlimited calling, unlimited text and unlimited other stuff!

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answers from Erie on

I have Straight Talk. $45 a month for unlimited everything, no contracts. I really like it.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have Straight Talk, and I LOVE it. You buy the phone up front, which can be expensive depending on the one you want, and I have the $45/30 days of unlimited service which includes internet, and texting.


answers from Kansas City on

my husband uses cricket, he has unlimited call and text for around $30 a month, i believe. he doesn't have a data plan.



answers from Dallas on

Boost Mobile runs under Sprint. Virgin Mobile - I believe under Verizon. If you're using it as a business thing avoid AT & T this market is saturated and their audio quality can be pretty lousy not to mention the dropped calls - this coming from many friends of my husband that work in the cell phone industry.



answers from Amarillo on

i have Straight Talk as well and i love it!! its pretty cheap and the phones are really good!



answers from Topeka on

I looked into Boost Mobile in my area well look at the map that provides coverage it really isn't much it is $50.00 month to month you buy the phone upfront.I'm with Verizon they have cell phones that are everday use for calls & text mobile web capable if you want to pay $5.00 extra,texting is unlimited to add for I believe 20-30 extra on top of your monthly minuets plan but of course it'll be different if you go with a no contract phone so my suggestion to get what you want look into all of them in your area compare coverage,minutes,texting rates,mobile web browsing & all the other bells & whisltes you don't want to buy a phone then to find out you need to add a data & texting plan.I'm currently looking into Sprint phones they have a few that are free with 2 yr.contrat the 450 everything plan for 69.99 a month
***Look at the coverage area,if it is Nationwide like Verizon you won't have an issue plus getting a plan that has unlimited mobile to mobile with any carrier,no long distance & free roaming before you decide this will impact your decision greatly as it did for me with Boost mobile***



answers from Houston on

boost mobile pay as you go

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