Help! I've Never Had Gas like I Do Now...3 Weeks and Counting!

Updated on September 01, 2008
A. asks from Dallas, TX
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I have no idea what has happened to my body, but about 3 weeks ago and every day since I get gas starting around 2pm until bed time. I haven't changed a thing in my diet or activity level. I took a pregnancy test b/c I was gassy in my 2 pregnancies but it's negative. Gas pills don't work, but the pain is unforgiving, and I'm afraid to go anywhere for any length of time.

Has this happened to anyone? What did you do? Please help!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your responses!

I am going to begin a food diary to see if it's certain foods in my diet causing the problem and go from there. I dread I'll have to eliminate foods I've been eating and love.



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I agree with the sugar free foods and especially the sugar free gum.... stop if you're doing those.

But if not, you might want to see the doc, if you have any other issues with it... you might have a mild case of irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) or something. And there are meds you can take for that.

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Hello A.,

do you eat any greasy/fatty foods at lunch time(well it doesn't have to be very greasy...) could your gallbladder be giving you trouble? make a detailed list of what you're eating and when and then talk with your doctor. good luck! ~C.~

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I know you said that you haven't changed your diet, but....
I couldn't figure out what was causing my horrible gas until I ran out of Fiber One bars. I used to eat one (or two) a day, but now I won't buy them. It was the worst gas I've ever had.



answers from Dallas on

You may not have changed your eating pattern or diet. But that doesn't mean your body isn't changing on you. It either sounds like you may be starting to be lactose intolerant or starting to have gall-bladder problems. You may try giving up dairy for a while and see if that helps. And you may want to avoid greasy foods. Or certain types of oil. I have found that some oils are worse for me than others. I would suspect that it starts at about 2pm because you now have two meals in your system and are up and about. It just may take that amount of time for your body to "move things along" and really gets fired up about that time, until it is time for bedtime. And things slow down again for the night. You might want to check out a gallbladder flush on line to help with gallbladder function. I would definately document what you eat. Even with no changes in your diet, it sounds like your body just isn't tolerating something. And it could be miniscule whatever it is. The other posts listed some top offenders. Like fiber, salads, new multivits, broccoli, high fat foods, fried foods, greasy foods.etc. I would also make sure you aren't constipated. That sometimes makes extra gas in the gut as the gut is trying hard to "move things" along that don't want to move quickly enough.
Hope you feel better soon,


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Have you been taking any new medication or vitamins? I started a new multi vitamin (actually a prenatal, though I'm not preggers) and was seriously gassy for the first week or so. Just something to thing about. If it doesn't get better, I'd go see your dr because it could be a symptom of something else.



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This may be retarded but do you eat any sugar free foods? That can cause some HELLATIOUS gas! Even sugar free gum. But I dont know what that would happen around 2 only. Just a thought.



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A., I recommend you go to your family doctor; tell him/her what's going on even if it's a little embarrassing. they will know for sure, specially since you haven't changed anything in your diet.
Good luck!



answers from McAllen on

Artificial sweetners can give it to you, salads, carbonation, milk, bananas and donuts do it to me horribly. If you haven't changed your diet, I would go see your doctor, it's probably nothing, but could be a symptom of something worse. Hope you feel better soon.


answers from Dallas on

I've always been very gassy. I've had a lot of bloating - to the point I looked 6 months pregnant. And I was hooked on Gas-X for a long time until it stopped working.

The one thing that I've found that takes my bloating all the way down is from my skin care, health and wellness company. I drink 1 protein shake a day and that pretty much does it. We also have a great detox tea that helps too.

I need to go drink a shake right now, I ate a hamburger this afternoon and my stomach is still bloated beyond belief. LOL!

Take care and God bless!

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