Help I'm Going Out of My Wits

Updated on September 30, 2008
M.R. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Help i'm going out of my wits. My 3 y old has autism spectrum disorder and is transitioning to a toddler bed. The 1st 2 nights weren't so bad. He's overly active. He has his own bed at his dad's and it's not so bad there but here we share a room and i have a bed in the room for me cause we live w/my parents and he will not stay in bed for 2 seconds. I don't know what else to do. I lose it and try to be calm, ignore him but it still takes him nearly 2 hrs to fall asleep by that time i'm stress out as well as my elder parents and i feel like i'm losing my mind.

Any advise will me grateful.

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Hi Michelle,

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that my almost 4 yr old does not have autism but has the same issues and he is almost a year older. I try the reward system.. my son loves Thomas the Train and if he goes 7 days sleeping in his big boy bed he gets a new $10 train. But it could be non monetary items too like a trip to the park etc. Just a suggestion.

I'll say a little prayer for you but just know that you were his Angel that God wanted to care for him and He thought a lot of you obviously. It is hard... when I feel like I'm losing my cool I pretend there is a camera in the room and whatever I do will be broadcast on tv, sounds silly but it helps me be more of the mom I want to be.

Good luck, remember you are the Angel, you can do anything :)


PS: They always act better for dad at his house!

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Well, the first question is why are you trying to transition him to a toddler bed? Is it because of his age, or has he been sleeping with you and you want that to stop?? If you just think he "should" be able to, but he was happy in a crib before, I say, let him sleep in the crib. Autistic children need close quarters to feel safe sometimes, and it is what he is comfortable with. The transistion will be harder for him than some other children. What do his therapists recommend? Sometimes I say do what works for you, not what books or other parents say you should do. You both need sleep, and with so much other stress in your life (judging from your previous posts) I might just do what ever I could to get a good night sleep! Again, there may be more to this, so I cant give any sound advice, but that is my first thought for sure! Get some rest!! ~A.~

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Well, I would say to go back to doing what you were doing before you tried the toddler bed. You both have to get your sleep. How long have you been divorced? He may just need some extra comfort and attention from you. Don't worry about what he is doing at Dad's house. You do what works for you at your house. There is no rule book that says he needs a toddler bed right now.

I have a son with special needs and at age 8, he still would prefer to sleep with me every night. (I was single mom with him for years.) He has bunk beds and we have made the bottom bunk into a cave-like scenario so he is surrounded in a little safe cocoon (much like a crib) and he loves it. We have a little light in there as well as a white noise machine. They also make tents that can go over a twin mattress that your son might like to help him feel more secure. Cheap and easy solution! My son sleeps entirely differently at his dad's house, but I have found that he sleeps better here because of the accomidations we have made for him.

Special Needs children don't do things like the rest of us, as I am sure you know, so just try different things and try to figure out what works for him. Best of luck!

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