Help!! I Need an Answer to an Unexplained Rash on My Daughters Face!

Updated on March 16, 2010
A.J. asks from Sedalia, MO
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Hi Mamas,
I'm in need of advice! For the past two weeks my daughter has been breaking out in a rash/welts on her cheeks, nose, and chin (big splotches) It is not a series of bumps but her face just gets VERY red she scratches at it and says ouch! She also gets a diaper rash every time the one appears on the face which leads me to believe that a food is causing it. That said, she has not tried ANY new foods that she hasn't previously had over the past several months. I've written down what she has eaten and can't find anything that seems to be causing it. It is not an everyday occurance, some days she will get it by mid-morning and some days will be perfectly fine all day eating the same thing she did the day before. When it is there she is irritable. I've taken her to the doctor three times and they first said it was wind/weather chapped and to use a humidifier at night. Second time said it was seasonal allergies to give her benadryl (almost seems worse after benadryl), third time said keep the humidifier and benadryl going and to put vaseline on it.........I have tried the dye free benadryl, cool baths, humidifier, aquaphor on her cheeks, very bland diet, am not using new detergents, perfumes, soaps, shampoos, etc. Needless to say none of it is helping and I am hoping, for her sake, that some other mama has had similar experiences and could lead me in the right direction. I hate to see her suffering and so uncomfortable.
OH She did get two bottom teeth at the beginning of all this but they are through now and do not seem to bother her at all.

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answers from McAllen on

I break out in hives ever since I was a little girl my mother would always take me to the Drs office and hospital at times and they could not find anything wrong until she took me to an allergist and did an allergy test and determined I was alergic to tomatoes so guess what my mother would always use tomatoes for food flavoring, I would suggest keeping pets away. feather comforters and pillows put calamy lotion for itchy ness and detox her by give her a dipository if it's in her system she will continue to break out in hives but go c an allegist.

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answers from Dallas on

Is there any fever involved? Sore throat, stomach ache or headache. If yes, go back to the doc for a strept test.

Is this hives? Flat red spots very slightly raised? Could be a virus that takes awhile to leave the body too. My only question is why the benedryl didn't help. If it is hives or allergies from hives or virus the benedryl should help until it wears off. Why don't you call the nurse again this morning just to help you relax over the weekend.

Figuring out an allergy can be really hard. I don't think teething could cause this. What type of soap, shampoo and laundry detergent do you use? Just because your daughter was not allergic to something in the past does not mean she has not developed an allergy. It's unbelievable what are in many soaps, shampoos and household products. Is the rash worse after you have been cleaning? I've totally converted my house. If I can help you with recommendations let me know.

In the meantime, call the nurse just to chat. Tell her any new developments and tell her the benedryl doesn't work, or as you said, possibly makes it worse. Rashes can be a lot of different things.

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answers from Kansas City on

it sounds like she is just one of those kids who has a chemical sensitivity. my son is one of those kids too. The problem is, just about everything could be causing it. baby wipes, cleaning stuff, shampoo, laundry detergent. We switched our entire house to chemical free and it instantly my son's rash was gone. I started making my own baby wipes too. It made such a big difference for us that i have kind of become an advocate for it now. lol. i actually know a lot of moms who are struggling with it, so i am having a lot of moms over next week so show them all of my stuff and where i buy (dont worry, i dont sell anything, so its not like im having a party and trying to get people to buy my products). you are more then welcome to come! just message me and i will send you directions. We are planning on taking the kids up to monkey bizness to play afterward too. Or, if you dont want to wait, just message me. we can jump on the phone and chat. i think i may even have a sample size lotion around of natural lotion that is amazing for severely dry skin. I ordered a bunch and keep them in my diaper bag and night stand. But i think i still have one around here somewhere. I also have a gel that i use when my son gets chapped cheeks or a bad diaper rash and i have never had to apply it more then one time before the rash is gone. anywho, im rambling. message me. lol.



answers from Minneapolis on

Could it be eczema on her checks? If it is, be sure that you keep the skin hydrated with a really good lotion. I use renew lotion for myself and on my 1 year old daughter, when our eczema breaks out.



answers from Wichita on

My first guess was eczema. My daughter has breakouts bad on her cheeks, inside of arms, hands, waist, bottom, and sometimes on her thighs. We have tried all sorts of over the counter lotions especially for eczema but none have really been a big help. I have her on a topical steroid that I use when she has breakouts. I dont like the thought of steroids but I only have to use it one time for a day, maybe two and then its gone. Then of course I have to use it again if she has another break out. Winter and Summer months are the worst for eczema.

Second thought is maybe an allergy. My daughter was allergic to blueberries and we didnt know it! She had eaten them before. She got hives all over her little body, in her ears and eye lids! It was awful! Eventually the hives got so big they turned into one big hive that covered her from head to foot. Again, she had to be put on a steroid for the itching and inflammation. Then we were not to give her blueberries again, obviously!

Another mother suggested a yeast infection. I would think maybe that too but Ive never heard of a yeast infection on the bottom as well as the face, although Im no expert! My daughter had a TERRIBLE yeast infection and I thought it was just a diaper rash! Poor thing suffered for two weeks because I didnt realize it was something more serious. But she never broke out anywhere else but her bottom. I hope this helps. Those are the only suggestions I have! Good luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

hi there
My son is allergic to "something" they think dustmites and we used to use Benadryl, which can cause one to feel not only drowsy but VERY irritable. Benadryl (having taken it myself) makes you feel all hungover and lousy.. which could be how your daughter is feeling (lousy after taking it)

We then switched to Zyrtec, which is much much better. Apart from that, consider this.. The chlorine in your water.. it can be very drying and cause the skin to really get rather dry.. especially when it's too warm (or not) you may want to try more of a sponge bath as oppose to a total dip in the tub (At least for now) see if that helps. I do agree that harsh detergents can cause irritation on the skin, but I definitely think that chlorine makes matters even worse.
Additionally, when it comes to food allergies, people don't necessarily break out on the spot, in fact they can eat something one day and not have an allergic reaction until days later.. I have found that adding more water to a child's diet is most helpful as it allows the body's system to more properly regulate.
Lastly, consider that your daughter might have a little bit too much of candida albicans in her system (in other words yeast) it's not just for we ladies, in fact , men can have problems from it as well... The over-growth of yeast can cause such things as diaper rash (that doesn't readily go away) irritability and much much more... What causes excess yeast? for some, it's different.. but in some cases, too much sugar (in a baby's case) perhaps too much "milk sugar" in addition, so many other foods can cause a reaction such as peanut butter (there is hidden mold) in it that can spur yeast along.. and so many other foods. this includes childrens' medications as they are often laced with sugar of some sort to help the medicine go down (so to speak) lastly... if a person already has an abundance of yeast in their diet, even things like high glycemic fruits (banana) can advance the yeast. basically, anything nice and sweet, pickled, white flour and the list goes on.. Oh a doctor might say, this is nonsense at such a young age, but I assure you, IF you do enough reading on the net, you'll find there is much to be said about the topic.
I wish you and your little one the best!



answers from San Francisco on

My son had been eating peanut butter for several months and then got a rash around his mouth and sometimes under the eyes. He never had a diaper rash issue. It took a couple months of pediatrition, then dermatologist, then finally an allergist to determine he has a minor peanut allergy. I don't give him peanut butter anymore, he gets soy nut butter, and instantly the rash went away. He has had other foods that may contain peanut and hasn't had any reactions so I'm hoping it is getting better.

Does anyone else feed your daughter? I found out part way through this that my husband was giving our son cashews. The combination is probably what caused him to become allergic to peanuts.

Acidic foods like tomato can cause the red blotches. If she's having something with a red sauce you could use Aquaphor on the cheeks before you feed her so it doesn't get on her sensitive skin. Also I bought the corn dog mini bites as a quick meal/treat and both my kids broke out in red splotches on the face and hands. There were no new ingredients that they were introduced to. I don't know what caused it, needless to say, they don't get that anymore. =)


answers from San Antonio on

I'd try a different doctor. Maybe a dermatologist instead of a pediatrician. Wish I had better advice. I haven't had this similar an experience.



answers from Washington DC on

I would take her to the allergist for testing. My son developed a food allergy 6m after he began eating the food. My mom just discovered that she's allergic to a food she's eaten for 50y!




answers from Wichita on

My son had a similar problem when he was an infant. Qr later found he had a milk allergy and had to stop giving him anything that had dairy or dairy biproducts in it. He later outgrew it, but now I at 33 years have a milk allergy and can't consume most dairy products. It is possible she didn't have the problem before, but now does. Check with her doctor about a suitable milk replacement (rice, soy, goat) for some time and see if this doesn't help. Best of luck to you and your precious little one!



answers from Springfield on

My daughter had a mysterious rash and it turned out to be a strep rash. I didn't even know there was such a thing. Dr gave her meds and it cleared up in a few days.



answers from Kansas City on

Take her to an allergy doctor and save yourself all the worry they will be able to test her and tell you what she is allergic to



answers from Dallas on

Hello A.,

Poor baby.... if she's getting a diaper rash, could it be a yeast infection. and since you said that no new foods.... could the regular foods she's eating have new or substitute ingredients? I'd keep a journal of what she's eating. avoid sugars and juice (feeds candida/yeast overgrowth). get some childrens probiotics. any new shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, etc. anyone else in the family using new shampoo, gels, aftershave, etc?
oh, has she been on antibiotics in the past few months? I see you have her on a bland diet... can you avoid processed foods as much as possible? write down everything, of what she eats and what happens... it could be a couple of days between the rash and when the offending food was eaten.
Good luck and follow your gut! ~C.~

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