HELP! I Just Recently Started My Own Fashion Jewelry & Purses Business

Updated on March 14, 2012
K.B. asks from Fremont, CA
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Well, today i decided to go to the flea market and sell my items but to later earn $20 not to mention learned that the flea market is basically for used low priced items. I did receive alot of customers visiting my table but when i mentioned the price, they simply walked away. My items are of good heavy quality. I have listed a few ads on craaigslist, and was told to also list my items on, but i was wondering if anyone has any extra helpful gestures? I was thinking of also going to the industrial business parks during lunch time, what do you think? Even if i get one employee to purchase something and later spread the word to their coworkers that would be awesome too. HELLLLLLP! Oh, I did visit the local salons and brought in over $300 in one night, so i know that sales are out there, but the salon I visited are only busy during the weekends. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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answers from San Francisco on

Have home parties and invite friends of friends and offer incentives for others to have a party for you and do fairs. Get a booth or share one with friends.

Good luck.



answers from Sacramento on

I'd second the Etsy suggestion. That's where I go when I want to buy handmade and high quality stuff!!

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answers from Seattle on

farmers markets
craft fair
juried art shows

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answers from San Antonio on

Try selling on Etsy. It's a great place for homemade items.

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answers from Washington DC on

Word of Mouth is the best need to generate a "buzz"....

Find a local business magazine and advertise in that.

Local Farmers Market (as the people there aren't looking for "bargains" they go for quality)
Craft Shows

Host a jewelry party - ask a friend to host one for you or a family member - or heck host it yourself.

Go to a local high end consignment shop and ask if you can put your stuff there - you might be surprised at what they say.

Go to the Mall and see how much a cart or stand in the mall would cost to rent - many small businesses do that. That's how Bijou purses started out.

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answers from Detroit on

Everything Cheryl said! Lol.

Do you have a link to some of your items? I wouldnt mind checking it out. I love jewelry and could give you some feedback. Or buy something.....

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answers from Redding on

Wow. I grew up in Fremont and we always went to the flea markets.
Have you checked into the San Jose Flea Market? That place is awesome and I even saw it profiled on the Travel Channel. They even sell cars there!
I'm not sure what it would cost for a booth, but it might be worth checking into.
I have no experience with etsy, but I've heard good things about it.

Set up a website. Show pictures. I have purchased many items online.

I think you have the right idea by introducing your items to local businesses.
We have a little drug store that carries many locally crafted items and I always go there when I need a gift for someone. When I tell them where I got it, they're shocked. I live in a very RURAL place.
Also, check with local hospitals to see if they would be willing to carry your items in their gift shops.
Look into local farmer's markets.

There are lots of ways to get your product out there. You just have to be imaginative about it. Network, network, network.

Best wishes!

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answers from Chicago on

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter and a You Tube Channel generating Hype? Are there any REALLY fashionable girls in your area that you can GIVE the items to with a contract that they use the items 60% of the time they go out and do things and mention your brand and have your business cards on them? You are in Ca, there should be Pleanty of women who go out and are "on the scene" or even Country Club women/teens etc that would be willing to take free product for advertising in return. Those are my suggestions, you need to "Brand" yourself - what is your brand, who is your customer, and how do you reach them?

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answers from Seattle on

Here we also have a section at the farmers market where local artists sell their stuff, everything from paintings to homemade soaps and clothes/jewelry. Check out if your area has something similar.

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answers from Dallas on

Craft Shows and trade fairs

Figure out who your market is and sign up to be a vendor at activities they would go to. For instance I went to a Princess Tea Party at the convention center. There were ladies there selling hair bows, custom made gym bags for cheerleading and ballet, ruffly skirts, anything you would want for your little princess. My church has a ladies breakfast and vendors show up outside selling quilted Bible covers, handmade cross necklaces, bracelets with a Bible Verse painted on them, etc.

Go find your market.

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answers from Phoenix on

Join, its free. Then search "business networking" groups in your zip code. Many are free and you can meet with other business owners to get ideas and to spread the word about what you are doing. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on - check out business networking groups, or women oriented groups. This will not be a quick sale situation, but rather a relationship/referral building situation. One thing you can do when you attend is ask for suggestions/referrals to your target audience - which is women who like quality purses/jewelry and like to present themselves well. Perhaps contact wedding/party planners to combine forces. Hook up with your Mary Kay/Avon type person, wardrobe consultants, ladies gyms, fitness people, yoga places, etc. - these may be power-partners for business building. Craft shows and things like that will bring different crowd than flea markets. Business expos, also. Check out your local chamber and see what membership costs and benefits are.

If you have friends that work at business parks or office buildings, perhaps you could ask them if they would be allowed to have you do a little set-up at lunch time, especially if there is a cafeteria - perhaps raffle off a little gift certificate for the lunch place for everyone that fills out a follow-up card (name/e-mail) - be sure to tell them or have it on the card that you will only send a thank you e-mail with an invite to do a 1on1 "BLING" consultation.

Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You really need to read Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. It's an advertising bible to help find YOUR niche market and your best value advertising.

I don't think huckstering around office parks at lunchtime is a good idea--in fact it might be illegal. And it will portray your product in a negative light.

Retail space in a mall is REALLY pricey.
So is print advertising.

To effectively build a business on social media is VERY involved. Sure, throw some pics on your FB page, but I wouldn't count on social media as your prime advertising!

Home parties is a great way to get the word out & get referrals.
See if you can leave product inventory/catalogs and partner with hair & nail salons, Curves, etc. even if they charge a small fee to display there.

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answers from San Francisco on

How about a website? You could also do a home show like they do for tupperware or whatever.

As for the flea market, it really depends on where you go. Around here, there is one where it is mostly used, low budget items, but the one in Napa is full of vendors selling brand new merchandise. So check around, you might find a better flea market.

The other thought I had was that you could take a really nice photo of your items and make a flier that you could post around town. I have a friend who's husband is doing that for work and he's actually staying pretty busy!



answers from San Francisco on

Try setting up at local farmers' markets and also try Good luck with it all!



answers from Sacramento on

If your area has street fairs, get a booth at those.
Also, check out local networking groups (leTip, chamber of commerce).



answers from San Francisco on

I didn't check an answers before replying so I apologize for any repeats. I would suggest getting a booth/table at an art fair or county fair. Do you have a website to show off your merchandise? My sister has a business and does
Good luck in your venture!!

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