HELP! I Caught My Microwave on FIRE!

Updated on August 15, 2008
G.S. asks from Littleton, CO
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Yes, I said fire!

I microwaved something contained in a light plastic for 25 seconds like I have done many times before. In the hecticness of getting dinner ready, I it took me a few minutes to turn around and see FLAMES INSIDE MY MICROWAVE. AGGH.

Now I'm trying to remove the evidence of my inability to even microwave anything. I've tried sponges, papertowels, soap and water and wipes. Before I dump a bucket of bleach in there, I'm hoping someone will tell me how I can rid my poor defenseless microwave of the soot and restore it back to its pearly white self....right after someone tells me that I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE who's ever done this!

Thanks ladies, and please, keep me in your thoughts on my next microwave cooking adventure!


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I would try the magic eraser if it is just black residue it might work, it has worked on things I never thought it would.


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I've done this too. To clean it, I microwaved (yes) lemon water for a minute or two and then wiped it down with paper towels. Sometimes you have to mess with the cook time but it's always worked for me, even if for a regular cleaning.



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Never, never, never microwave anything in plastic! It can release toxins from the plastic into your food. Just like you only drink from a drinking water safe hose or pipe. Why do think they issued a warning recently about containers and water bottles with a "7" code? Plastics are a petroleum based product and they are toxic! This was on the news all over the place, stores were pulling products because of the toxic containers - the warnings about microwaving plastic have been around for years!

That said, lemon joice or vinegar may help. Baking soda will reduce or eliminate the odor. You might try a citrus cleaner to remove the discoloration. Extreme heat, such as fire, does create chemical changes and the discoloration may be a permanent reminder. Replacing the machime may be a good idea for safetys sake.



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Yikes.... I would think about getting a new microwave, for safety reasons. Who knows if there is something faulty with the microwave. You'd hate for that to happen again. Things could have been a lot worse with that fire. Depending on the brand of the microwave and where you bought it, and how long ago... you might be able to take it back/exhange it. At least call the retailer and ask what their policy is. For example, at Kohls, you can return any product ever purchased there, with our without a reciept NO QUESTIONS ASKED.




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LOL!! Your posting was hysterical! Can't say I have ever done that, but I probably will before all is said and done. You sound like a busy woman. I'm thinking that a paste of baking soda might work. I would put a cup of vinegar in, turn the microwave on for 1 min(now, if you set that on fire, you might be able to make some money on that trick! ), let it set for 5, so the steam really gets all over, then make a paste out of baking soda and rub it clean. It has worked for me with some pretty icky stuff in my microwave. Who knows....good luck!



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My baby-sitter burned a bag of popcorn in my new microvave. what a smelly mess. try putting about a cup of vinegar in a glass oven-proof dish and microwave on high about 1 minute. Don't open the door and let it sit in there for about an hour. Then take out the vinegar and wipe down the walls of the oven with a damp cloth. That should help with the soot and odor, but the yellowing of the oven walls might never come off. The heat can actually burn the paint and there is no way of fixing that. You may need a new oven. :(

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