Help, I Cant Get My Two Year Old to Wear Her Glasses!

Updated on August 10, 2010
E.S. asks from Newport, TN
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My mischevious daughter was diagnosed with Strabismus last spring. She was wearing her glasses pretty well for about a month then she started taking them off or refusing to wear them. It has steadily gotten worse. We had them checked to make sure they were the correct prescription, had them checked for fit. The optomitrist even adjusted them so that it was harder for her to look over the top of them as she is prone to do if she does wear them. Lately I have even resorted to calling them her "Princess" glasses. (they are disney brand) This seems to make her want to wear them, but as soon as I leave the room she takes them off and plays with them, usually bending them. I don't want to make too big of a deal with the 'princess' stuff as she has a twin sister and I don't want her to think that she is less of a princess because she doesnt wear glasses. When B first got her glasses we had to get sister a pair of cheap sunglasses because she kept asking where hers were or taking B's when she took them off.
How do I convince a barely two year old that she really needs to wear them all the time? We don't want her to have to have surgery later and if she doesnt wear them now she trips, stumbles and runs into things from the lack of depth perception.

Please let me add that the Opthamologist said that a strap around the head at this age is more of a choking hazard than a help. I also bought frames without prescription lenses to wear and they spend weekdays at grandma and grandpas house and both wear glasses. Even her fav. aunt wears them. It used to help to show her that so many people around her wear them, but she seams indifferent to it now.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all of the help and advice. We do see a Pediatric Opthamologist that specializes in Strabismus and they have an on site optomitrist and store. No one mentioned Miraflex when we were shopping. My husband and I don't wear glasses so we didn't know anything about them. I was told that she wouldn't need new glasses until she outgrows these so I don't know if I can afford to replace them ahead of time, but it may be worth it to avoid surgery later. I like the sticker chart idea too. We will keep working on it. Any more suggestions are welcome!

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I started wearing glasses when I was 4, so I was a bit older. My mom told me that I had to wear my glasses all the time, unless I was laying down taking a nap. She said that for about the first two weeks, I took a lot of "naps" because I didn't want to wear the glasses.... 2 1/2 is really young so I don't know if that sort of thing (glasses all the time unless you're sleeping) would work. She was pretty strict (in a kind way, though) about making me go to my room and lay down if I wanted to take my glasses off....

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Try not to get frustrated with her, this is just like potty training. Just like potty training, kids often pick up on the novelty of the new routine but eventually want to go back to the old way and it becomes a tug of war between parent and child. The more frustrated you get at her, the more frustrated she will be with her glasses.

It sounds like you are doing all the RIGHT things to encourage her to wear glasses. Now you to need to enforce that taking off her glasses is the WRONG thing to do.

A star chart for wearing her glasses at certain times like breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. may help her build that routine to the point that she gets used to them.

Short time outs or loss of whatever game/toy/activity she is doing at the time she takes off her glasses and then letting her continue with play after her glasses are put back on may help for the times the star chart doesn't.

I can say that even as an adult, glasses suck. I had to wear them temporarily while pregnant with my 3rd son and I hated them!

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Can you get a band that wraps around her head? Does anyone in your house wear glasses, or family? Try to explain to her how pretty she looks in them, and how they help her see........maybe do some examples.........with them off and with them on........

She's pretty young, so I'm sure there are other Mama's here who can help, but tell her you don't want her to get hurt and that she will if she doesn't wear her glasses..........

Good Luck.

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Tell her that her eye has a boo-boo and the glasses will help the boo-boo.

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My son loved his Miraflex glasses because they were so comfortable. The strap is not a choking hazard. Our doctor strongly recommends them. I would make sure the glasses are comfortable and adjusted well, another advantage to the Miraflex since you can do that at home.

Other than that, I asked the same question when my son was diagnosed as needing glasses (23 months old). The doctor said if glasses are comfortable and are the correct Rx, a kid will wear them with no fight. Have you had the Rx checked to make sure it's correct? This is one area it's worth paying for good glasses as they will be lighter and more comfortable. GL!

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To me, your answer is in your question. As soon as I saw that she has a twin sister I reacted with an Of course! Are they identical? I believe she does not want to wear them for the same reasons her sister DOES. Your best bet, even at such a young age is to sit them down together and explain it. It may still be a battle / struggle but it can help to explain she needs them to help her see, and her sister does not. Good luck!



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I've heard to put them on quickly on waking up (in the morning and naps). As long as they are comfortable, it shouldn't take long to forget that they're there.



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My son is almost 2 and has had his glasses for about 4 months now. Not sure what kind of glasses she has but we got my son Miraflex brand and LOVE them. They are unbreakable (huge plus with a 2 year old) and easily bent back to proper shape when needed, they also have and elastic strap that snaps into the frame instead of just sliding over the ends. She will not choke herself with the strap she would take them off before trying that and its not like she is sleeping in them. If you are not currently taking her to an opthamologist that specializes in pediatrics I highly recomend that as a first move, cant believe they didnt recomend a strap for a 2 year old and thought she would keep them on.

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