Help!! How Do I Get Bubble Gum Out of My Dryer?

Updated on December 31, 2007
J.K. asks from Lavon, TX
7 answers

I washed my husband's coat that apparently had a package of bubble gum. Didn't seem to notice it when I switched the clothes to the dryer, but then taking them out of the dryer I noticed the package, wrappers, and dried stuck on gum in my dryer!!!! I don't know how to get it out safely so that I don't damage clothes that are dried after I clean it. Any help is appreciated.

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answers from Dallas on

Alcohol is generally the best thing. If it is a gas dryer you want to be careful of solvents you use. Some could be explosive. Even with electric when it gets hot, solvents may smell up your other clothes.

I would see what I could get off with just regular rubbing alcohol- maybe get 91%. Good luck...

I thought I would add...

You might could try wax paper and a hot iron too...that works really well for candle wax- but basically gum is wax based too. I have always been told to use ice cubes and freeze gum but never had much luck... inexpensive to try though...



answers from Houston on

This happened to me one time. I just got something kinda sharp and dug every piece out and then I lightly cleaned the entire inside with a regular surface cleaner. Then I only ran towels and old rags for the first two or three loads to make sure it would be ok. Definately run old rags or towels for the first load because some sticky gum still got on them somehow the first time but it was great after that! Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Try holding ice on it until it "breaks" off.
Perhaps you could use a tefflon scraper when it gets cold and not damage your dryer.
Good Luck!
C. S.



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I used Goo B Gone when it happened to me. Good luck!



answers from College Station on

i know this is a weird one, but easy off oven cleaner will do the trick. This has happened quite a few times at my house when hubby did the laundry. Just let it sit about five minutes and it wipes right out. To clean out the residue from it just wipe with a damp cloth.

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