Help!!! Horrible Dandruff

Updated on November 14, 2008
T.N. asks from Lincoln Park, MI
6 answers

My 9 year old has horrible dandruff. I think maybe she doesn't rinse her hair well
enough after washing it. Can anyone recommend a good shampoo to get rid of dandruff. She also has a dry scalp. I started using mint oil shampoo and I think that may have caused it because before using that she didn't have this problem.

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answers from Detroit on

T-Gel is supposed to be GREAT on dandruff. It is a shampoo that you can find anywhere. I do believe you only use it once or twice a week as it might be somewhat damaging to the hair if you use it more. Then maybe use a 2 in 1 head and shoulders type the rest of the week. Other than that...I have no idea lol.



answers from Detroit on

I would also recommend T-Gel. My husband uses it and it works great! Neutrogena sells it but we always buy the CVS brand-it works just as well!



answers from Benton Harbor on

My husband has used Head & Shoulders since I met him. He says he needs it, but I have yet to see a flake on his head. Sooo....either it works or he's crazy!

I've also used it in a pinch and it makes my hair pretty soft, too...and let me tell you, I have a thick head of long hair!!




answers from Detroit on

Neutrogena T-Gel is awesome! The best stuff out there. I'm allergic to just about everything and Neutrogena is the only thing that doesn't make my head break out in bleeding sores. Try'll love it and so will your daughter.



answers from Saginaw on

You may have to try all the medicated shampoos on the market before you find the one that works. Dandruff is often a fungal infection, and different preparations work on different kinds.

Some people have good luck just using a vinegar rinse at the end of showering, just a quarter cup of plain white vinegar poured onto the scalp, rubbed around a little and rinsed off. I'm all for the cheapest solution available.

My younger daughter found that t-gel worked and actualy solved the problem -- she stopped using it entirely within a few months and the problem did not come back.



answers from Lansing on

T-Gel is the best I've found, you can get it in a generic brand at Meijers and it is as effective as the regular brand. My son and I use it everyday and it does not have any harsh effect on the hair or skin but you may just try using it to get the flakes under control then switch back to your regular shampoo.


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