Help He Did It AGAIN!!!

Updated on July 09, 2010
C.C. asks from Little Rock, AR
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Ok!!! HOW do you get out Blue ink out of 100% cotton. My hubby LOVES to scratch his sholders with his ink pens with the tip of the pen. This is the killizionth time and everytime I have NO luck getting it out. (They have gone threw the entire wash cycle and dried) And we end up throwing the shirts away or thet hang in the closet for ever!!! I need help on this because I would Love to give him is shirts back. And SAVE MONEY!!
I am looking for ANYTHING sulotions even if I had to do the "Chicken Dance" while I am getting the stain OUT as Long as it works!!!!LOL

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies I did try the old hair spray and shout on ALL of his 6 shirts and all but 2 shirts are ink FREE!! ....... YIPPY....

Thanks so much for the great laughs as well. I really needed that today!!!

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answers from Huntsville on

I believe Kim C. is talking about Grandma's Secret Spot Remover & it is awesome!!! We discovered it when a RED crayon went thru the wash AND dryer with my daughter's clothes! ack! Even after the clothes had been washed & dried a couple more times, this stuff still took the red color out! :)

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answers from Texarkana on

Alcohol or hairspray that has alcohol in it. Really spray it or rub it in good, have a towel under it, and start scratching his back for him, LOL! After the stain is almost gone after the alcohol or hairspray treatment, wash with washing POWDER (not liquid) and oxyclean. If it is a white shirt, add bleach and skip the oxyclean. This should do the trick, good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't have a suggestion, but will be trying the one's you've gotten so far next time I have ink to remove from something (last time it was my easy chair, which was luckily microfiber and gets clean with a swipe from a damp cloth).

However, I second the suggestion to get your hubby a better back scratcher. Maybe he likes the small point of the pen, so get him a mechanical pencil without the graphite sticks inserted and label it "Tom's back-scratcher" or something. Maybe as a cutsie "hint" you could get him a nice fountain pen and have it engraved with something like that, then don't allow him to put ink in it. lol!

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answers from Phoenix on

It needs to be the aerosol type hairspray on ink. Probably before it is dried as the heat sets stains. I'd just do it again and again and hope it fades quickly enough. Otherwise, get him a vest (if it's the unexposed part of the shirt) for wintertime wear with those stained shirts.

(It's better than using surgical clamps to clip his shoulders with, trust me. I can't get holes out of his shirts & undershirts as well as I can some stains!)

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answers from San Francisco on

Buy his white shirts at the second hand stores and let him scratch away.

Have you tried pouring club soda over the stains before washing?


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answers from Cleveland on

I agree with trying hairspray. It has worked for me a few times, however, it probably depends on the size of the stain and how deepset it is into the fabric.



answers from Los Angeles on

try Oxyclean......put it in the sink to soak for a few hours or overnight.....scrubbing it every so often. It should work on the shirts you have already washed and dried. Use more than the canister says. Good luck!

Next time, before you wash it....try using a baby wipe to get most of it out first.


answers from Dallas on

Have you tried hair spray? I heard that it gets ink out. Try googling it and see what it comes up with.



answers from Wichita on

Go to a fabric store. I believe hobby lobby & hancock fabrics have a solution called grandma's something (I can't remember the name of it). The display is a metal pail with a small wash board in it & a lot of bottles of this solution. It is usually by the register counter. I have read that it takes most stains out, but I have never tried it. I hope you can find something that works!

God bless!


answers from Jacksonville on

If you catch it before drying it, hairspray can work. I used it on some of my son's shorts last year. (khaki uniform shorts with blue ball point pen ink all over the leg, and I mean scribbled in ALL over... he was 10... don't ask).

You have to use the aerosol kind of hairspray, and really soak it with the spray... then immediately blot with a soft cloth. Spray more, blot more. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Rinse with plain water in your sink... and spray more hairspray and blot more. Spray and blot. It took awhile and it really was a 'project', but I eventually got most of it out of my son's shorts. I used paper towels for some of it. But a clean cloth actually worked a little better when I switched to that after the bulk of it had come out.
If your husband is just getting a few strokes on his shirts, then it ought to come out okay. Just be sure not to wash until you get it all out.



answers from Oklahoma City on

several hairspray answers on here. I have discovered myself that the cheap Aqua Net Hairspray seems to work the best. I had an ink pen in the wash and it got all over my white pants. I sprayed them before putting them in the wash and it all came out. Also used it when my kids played tic, tac, toe on my fabric computer chair with an ink pen. I've been using this process for ink removal for over 15 yrs.



answers from Columbus on

Rubbing alcholol is the only thing I have had success with, but it was very limited. It takes a lot of work, you put a cloth behind the stain, and keep dabbing and dabbing.

What about buying him dark blue dress shirts or a back scratcher?



answers from Norfolk on

Get him a better non-staining back scratch-er. Or give him some pens with the ink cartridge removed.



answers from Jonesboro on every time!


answers from Provo on

Rubbing alcohol is amazing! If you take your hand and write on it then put sanatizer (alcohol based) and you can rub it off. How cool is that?



answers from Kansas City on

I've heard that hair spray works, but we've always had good luck with Shout products. Then buy your husband some pens with lids on them!!

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

get him a back scratcher lol good luck with the ink. maybe the goo be gone stuff of goof off would work?



answers from Chattanooga on

I have used hairspray many times & have had good success with it. The key is spraying it a lot, washing it, do NOT dry it unless the stain is completely gone, then repeat if it is not. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Ask your local cleaners, most times they will dap remover on it and you can take it home to wash. If you can get this all purpose cleaner called Awesome (as soon on TV years ago...99cent store carries it here in CA) works and really is awesome and cleaning almost everything. It tells you on the bottle what cocentrate to use. Pen is dilute it for mostly everything else.

P.S. HAIRSPRAY DOES NOT WORK!!!! I don't know why people think or sugggest this. Its sticky for pete sake and only sets in the stain further.

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