HELP! Has Anyone Heard of OurGV??? Is Is a SCAM???

Updated on January 30, 2012
L.W. asks from Raymond, ME
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My mother has invested in this and she thinks it is legit but I am very skeptical and was wondering if anyone had any info on this? Thanks so much and have a happy day!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all of your responses! I am going to give my mom the information that you all gave me and see what she thinks!

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I also went to their website, and did a little research. This is sending up lots of questions for me. 1.) If they are a legitimate business, why do they have 2 websites one is a .com, the other a .org. One of the websites, they are offering a million dollar cruise, seems fishy if they are interested in helping charities. This also talks about a home business, which most of the ones I have seen are all a ploy or fakes. How did you mom become aware of this website? As a licensed financial consultant, I am always fishy when my customers tell me that they want to invest in a new company, or one that is unheard of by the public. If this was legitimate, the only way for a business to raise capital is by bonds or by selling stocks. Bonds work like a savings bond, and it is a debt product. If the co goes belly up, people holding the bonds collect their money. Stocks are what's traded on the Dow and Nasdaq, and when you own stock, you own part of that company. With either one of these options, the SEC investigates thoroughly the company, and it is normally done with the help of lawyers. If this company didn't go through either route, I would say that they have something to hide. Good luck.

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I took a look at their web site. There is a section to see what other businesses think of OurGV, and it's sending up a red flag for me. It lists interviews with the CEO of, and The problem with this is that THEY ARE THEY SAME GUY! It's Chad Shapiro, and he's also the CEO of OurGV. This guy's got a couple of different web "enterprises" going, and he's using one to endorse others. This does not necessarily guarantee that it's not on the up and up, but makes me wary.

This appears to be a company who recruit people to do fundraising for nonprofits. The non-profit sets up a website through which their supporters can shop, and the nonprofit gets a commission on the sales. So does the salesperson, and the person who recruited, and the person who recruited them, on up the chain.

Please, stay away from businesses that focus more on recruiting others than they do on a quality product. It's not a good way to do business, or a reliable way to make money.

Nowhere in this website was there are discussion of the percentage of money going to the charities, or of exactly what they are selling. Two more red flags.


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answers from San Antonio on

It is legit and a very good company that help people save money shopping and helps business owners with business solutions and helps non profits generate income from internet searching.

call me for more info

J. P.




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She should call the better business bureau . She should be able to get answers there.



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I know the CEO and top people in the company personally and they are the most humble Christian people that I have met. I wE an out of work satellite technician and OurGV changed everything for me I have never had greater training anywhere in any previous product company that I get here and I alwYs get paid on time the company has 0 complaints in 9 years with the BBB. I get cashback when I shop help non Profits, get paid to search on my yahoo toolbar and get to build a residual income forever. Yes you recruit but this is a business that is legit all integrity and we also have all the latest technologies to help businesses with business solutions this is the easiest and the best company with the greatest leadership ever! There is a system in place to show you step by step how to do this business. I am So grateful to have found OurGV. Contact me for more info ###-###-#### or visit

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