Help Getting My 22 Month Old to Listen to Me

Updated on April 17, 2007
J.D. asks from Fayetteville, NC
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I'm not sure what to do with my son now. He clearly understands what I say when I'm telling him something but he doesn't respond until like 5th time and I have to yell then. He hears me and looks at me but he just won't listen to me. He listens to my uncle the first time but he tests my patience. I have to ask if he wants a spanking and he'll sya no and do what it was I asked of him. I don't know why he can't just listen the first or second time. I get so frustrated and don't know how to correct him.

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My son is exactly the same way. It's all part of the "terrible two's". I try to remember that it's normal and he's just testing his boundries & independence... but it is so frustrating. I wish I had some advise. But I just wanted you to know you're not the only one.



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I am in the same exact boat!! My son is the same age and he will not listen. I actually had his ears checked out because I have to yell at him a few times before he'll turn around and see what I want. His ears are fine and I've realized that he's just being stubborn and has selective hearing! I give my son timeouts. I'll tell him what he needs to do and tell him in 3 seconds if he doesn't do it he's sitting down. I'll count to three and then usually he doesn't do what he's supposed to so then he sits down in the middle of the room with no toys, etc for just about 2 minutes. This works well for me. Good luck!



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He's just testing his boundaries. Stick with a discipline plan (however many warnings you see fit and then a consequence like time out, etc.) and STICK WITH IT. If you break and allow him to get away with things or give empty threats that you do not carry out, he will keep pushing you to see when you will eventually break. If you stick to a plan, he will quickly learn that you mean business. I know how tough it is with these headstrong little people--good luck!


answers from Reading on

Hang in there! My daughter now 27 months went thru that for a little while too. My husband had me read an exerpt from a book where they encouraged positive reinforcement for everything your child does that is right. I started doing it and within one day my daughter was listening to me the first time I spoke. For example I would ask her to "Bring mommy that toy please." and when she did, I would praise her for listening and tell her that I appreciate her help too.
I would also get down to her level and tell her to "look at my face please", and then tell her what I wanted her to do. She listens well when I do this too.
Hang in there, someone told me that the "terrible two's" really starts at 18 months and ends around 2 1/2, so your almost there! My daughter is becoming quite a little sweetheart!!!



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My son just turned 2 and he is the same way and has been since about 18 months. When I take it takes many times for him to listen and when his dad tells him something he listens the very first time. I'd try timeouts they help me sometimes. They seem to hate to be alone at that age so go with a highchair or playpen in a secluded area. Just for 2 or 3 minutes. It seems to help mine listen a bit better.

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