Help for Mom W/ Newly Discovered Peanut & Egg Allergy

Updated on November 08, 2009
M.S. asks from Alpharetta, GA
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Hello, I am writing on behalf of a friend who just learned her 13 month old daughter has severe egg and peanut allergies. She is so overwhelmed by the scariness of this news that I've offered to help her with some research. She's a full-time working mom, too. She has found plenty on the internet about how horrifying this can be - but I'm hoping she can find some groups of moms who share ideas and solutions on how to MANAGE and still provide happy, normal (as possible at least) childhoods in spite of these allergies. For example, how do you find or bake egg-free cakes/cupcakes? Is there a type of bread that hasn't been made in a facility that also makes egg/peanut products? All of these questions are really overwhelming her and I can understand why - seriously, can she not find bread that is safe for her child to eat? Surely she can. She just needs the right resources & support to help her through this. Peanut allergies are so common these days that I'm sure such groups of supporting moms are out there. I really appreciate any help and input. Thanks!!

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answers from Savannah on

Food allergies can come from several causes which can include toxins in the body, need for digestive enzymes, lack of trace minerals, liver issues, parasites or even candida (yeast). Tracking down which issue(s) the baby has can help with overcoming the allergies. Since she is so young, I would think more towards a lack of trace minerals or yeast and start there. Some herbals that may help support the body to overcome allergies include colostrum, minerals, probiotics, lavender essential oil and homeopathic allergy remedy.



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Look up egg free cupcakes on the internet and you will get a bundle of websites that are egg and dairy free. I know martha stewart also has had guest on her show bringing in recipes for those request. There's also a neat websites called you might want to check out. I looked up egg free cupcakes and found some website with great recipes on I know there are websites that help teach you what to look for when shopping as far as buying items already made/boxed pre made. Will check some out and get back to you.



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Become a member of the Food Allergy Network.
It's a great resource. They have lots of information and recipies. They also send out email alerts for recalled food that hasn't been labeled properly.
Reading all labels is a must. My oldest daughter has her first reaction at 12 months. Getting informed was the best thing that we did. Teaching her at a young age to check everything is a great peace of mind. You won't worry so much about her when she is with others.



answers from Augusta on

My son has very minor milk, egg, and soy issues. We are new to the area but I used to find great allergy friendly products at Whole Foods in my old home. I am guessing Earthfare or maybe it would be worth it to find the closest whole foods.

Otherwise there are many recipe websites for kids with allergies. We have even made yummy egg, soy, and dairy-free cakes and treats!

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