Help for Increased Eye Wrinkles After Illness?

Updated on August 26, 2019
R.J. asks from Palm Harbor, FL
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Recently I was sick for WEEKS after a severe sinus infection and bronchitis. About two weeks in I noticed an increase in the wrinkles under my eyes as well as "bags". I'm definitely not a vain person, but it's really bothering me.
I started using a Rodan and Fields eye cream back in May, and was not really seeing any results, and now it looks much worse!
Has this happened to anyone before? I keep hoping it will subside on it's own somewhat, but if there are any remedies that may help? Im trying to drink a lot of water, and actually stopped using the R&F as my one friend suggested I may be reacting to it, although it's been quite awhile.
Cucumbers? Preparation H? LOL

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answers from Portland on

Well, if you were taking antihistamines and decongestants at all, that will dry out your sinus area, skin and the skin under your eyes is like tissue paper - super delicate. So it might just have taken a beating and need to recuperate.

I looked at the eye cream on their site - if it's the one that 'tightens' as well as moisturizes, I'd just take a break. It has caffeine and anything that puts that on your delicate under eye area to me is too drying. Think of how it's a diuretic to your body.

Similarly, really rich emollients will puff skin up making it look like bags.

If I use an eye cream at all - it's a lightweight, water based eye gel. I use one from Clinique. It's water based as I said and super light. I don't use it unless I feel 'tight' and I don't put it too close to the eye.

You need so much rest after being sick - especially as you get older. I had an operation and my eyes/face looked so awful for so long - and it was actually just physical stress. It does come back - so have faith. Just drink water, and I'd take a break from the eye cream.

Good luck :)

Don't do the Prep H. That would dry you out - you'd be a raisin!

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answers from Fayetteville on

So what if you are being vain? Everyone has their focus.

I suggest gentle Massage under the eye using some lotion or cream. This may make the blood flow there.

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answers from Boston on

I used to get a lot of bouts of bronchitis (2-3 a year for 4 weeks at a time), and I used to have allergies. My understanding from the doctors that a combination of things are at play. First, when someone has severe nasal congestion (whether from allergies or infection), all of that swelling in those tissues constricts the blood vessels in the area. Blood doesn't flow as easily and so it tends to pool in the "vacant" areas such as the cavities under the eyes. Have you heard the term "allergic shiners"? Those are the black eyes present in so many allergy sufferers. I imagine (you should ask your doctor) that there may also be some pooling or accumulation of other fluids which could cause the bags. How long it takes to recover is something I can't answer. I also think the serious drying out that goes on could cause wrinkles, as could any swelling/puffiness that then starts to go away. Those drying-out skin cells are going to wrinkle and not plump up. I know it sounds contradictory - swelling/fluids vs. drying out in the same person, but the skin is your largest organ and it definitely can take a beating from a lot of things. And that's not even factoring in the effects of whatever drugs you were on.

I don't think there's a magical, topical cream that will make this better. I think you'll find that far more skin issues have to do with what's going on inside, in the deeper tissues of the dermis and below, than just on the surface in the thin epidermis that creams are treating. I think that is evident in a lot of skin conditions, from eczema to psoriasis and so on, which people try to treat on the surface but which really come from much deeper in. You probably didn't do much when you were so sick, so water levels, activity/exercise (which affect a bunch of things, including blood flow) and a lot more just really changed.

I know that my allergic shiners went away when I got rid of my allergies. No creams or concealers did as good a job, although I still certainly use a light moisturizer with SPF all the time. Cucumbers won't hurt you and may help (as much for the 10 minutes of rest you enjoy while they're on your eyes as from anything else!), but I would not put anything else on there that isn't designed for the face. I know you're kidding (sort of) about Preparation H but people come up with all kinds of suggestions that wind up causing more problems, especially if they get in the eye.

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answers from San Francisco on

Nothing wrong with a little vanity. If you were sick for that long, your body is probably still trying to fully recover, so you don't quite look yourself yet. Drink a lot of water and I'm guessing it will resolve on its own.

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answers from Washington DC on

it was probably a good idea to quit using the eye cream- eyes are sensitive, and it's certainly possible that yours may be a little extra sensitive after the illness.

i don't think there's a permanent cure other than surgery (which is risky) IF your 'bags' are really here to stay. i'm betting they'll respond, albeit slowly, to your regained health. keep on with the water for sure. cucumbers yes, and tea bags.

i've tried most of the tighteners and toners and haven't had much luck with any of 'em. but my skin damage is from the sun, not an illness, so the same factors may not apply.


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answers from Miami on

I thought it was my imagination, in the past, when I suddenly saw lines around my eyes after being ill, and wondered what the heck happened. I have also had wrinkling under the eyes due to allergies to a chemical -- the most recent of which was salicylic acid. I have used Calendula cream for any of these issues, including irritation and chemical or sunburn. It is mild enough that they use it for babies. It mostly just moisturizes and is very mild, but it also has healing properties. Resting and being patient are also a must, your body is exhausted from fighting an illness and will take time to recover. Here is the link to the cream I mentioned:

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answers from Portland on

I suggest wrinkles and eye bags were caused by your body fighting the infection. Sinuses are close to eyes. I don't know your age but wrinkles and eye bags are a normal part of aging. I suggest you ask the doctor, who treated the infection, about this.

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