Help for Extremely Rusty Water in Toilet

Updated on March 15, 2010
K.D. asks from Bringhurst, IN
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I work at our local library and part of my job is cleaning. We have one small bathroom with one sink and toilet. We have a water heater, but no water softener. Our small town does not have city water. We have wells. The ground water is inundated with rust. I have been using The Works as it is the ONLY thing I have found that literally disolves the rust and makes the toilet look presentable. But I quit using it. It's so toxic that I won't use it anymore. The person before me had used some Lysol rust removing toilet cleaner. I tried it and it doesn't do much. If I shut the water off to the toilet and use Bar Keeper's Friend, it does okay. Problem is, it doesn't get it all off and a couple days later, the toilet looks just as disgusting as it did when I cleaned it earlier. (We're open a few days a week.) Sometimes there are actual flakes of rust on the bottom of the toilet. I've thought about Iron Out to put into the tank, but I think it's also corrosive and am not sure if that would ruin the pump inside the tank.
I just want our library facility to look clean. Having a rust-filled toilet looks gross to me and I am seeking other options that are safer.


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answers from Boston on

You are a good soul to scrub so much but how about a framed sign above the toilet that says "Don't worry it's only rust!!!" Your time could be spent finding just the right book for that little old lady. Just a thought...

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answers from Indianapolis on

WHINK - a rust stain remover and this stuff WORKS!! Brown bottle (liquid) I've used it on clothing, too.



answers from Indianapolis on

We have well water too and honestly, The Works is the only thing that I've found to take the rust completely OUT! I alternate it with a less harsh cleaner, but in a public place like that, you may have to use it all the time. If you find something else that works equally well, I'd LOVE to know!


answers from Phoenix on

the current house we are in had terrible stains in the toilets. all i used was comet and those metal, round pot cleaner things you use in the kitchen. they were white when i was done! Good luck!!!


answers from Columbus on

There are a number great products on the market to remove iron and rust stains. One of my particular favorites that works in toilet bowls, sinks and colorfast fabrics is called "Rust Stain Magic." It's available at most grocery stores. Be sure to follow the directions explicitly and avoid contact with skin. That's one of the down sides in using commercial products because they are not very kind or forgiving to skin and some fabrics.

Another product that works very well for loads of laundry (white sheets, towels, pillow cases, white shirts, blouses, etc.) is "Yellow Out". It advertises that it makes your dingy whites bright and it does. It removes yellowing, and iron rust stains from whites.

Again, if you buy a commercial preparation to remove iron stains from your clothing, be sure to follow the directions to the "T". These products contain lots of harsh chemicals and acids. Always use them in well ventilated areas and avoid breathing the fumes.



answers from Columbus on

Shaklee has some all natural cleaning products that I've been able to get rust stains out with. I got them out of a washer (and the clothes) and my neighbor's bathtub. I used a combination of their Nature Bright, Scour Off and Basic H2. I'm actually a distributor and can send you some free samples if you want to try them! Just send me your mailing address!


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