Help for Diet for Low Thyroid

Updated on August 23, 2007
M.L. asks from Red Oak, TX
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Anyone out there with a low thyroid (Hypothyroidism)?? I need suggestions on ways to lose weight-certain things to eat, maybe to speed my motabolism up. Anything other than smaller porportions and excercise. The truth is, even those who are on medication for it, they still have to work twice as hard to lose/keep weight off. Is there any books or something on this to help me? Thanks for your help.

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answers from Dallas on

I have had a low thyroid for 11 years now and am taking medication. For the past 11 years i have been obese, and have finally lost the weight. I actually lost 75 pounds. Sorry to tell you this, but i had to exercise and watch my portions. The first suggestion i have for you is to join Curves. I did that for the first year, and boy has it helped out tremendously. For those who do not exercise, Curves is the best and easiest to start out with. You have to wake your metabolisim up. The exercises that Curves offers is also great on sore joints and those who have never exercised. The support is also GREAT! You CAN DO IT! If I can anybody can. I know exactly what your are talking about. Also, i have 2 girls as well, one is 7, and the other is 2.



answers from Dallas on

M., give me a call. I have had Hypothyroid for 15 years and I will help shed some light on life after Thyroid! Blessings, J.



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Me too, I'm hypothyroid for 7 years now! I am a fitness professional with a M.S. in Exercise Physiology, and with all that and personal experience the best advice I can give you is to focus on being healthy and not on a specific weight number. Make sure that you eat a lower fat (plenty of good fats though), higher fiber diet, eat every 2-3 hours to keep your glucose/insulin levels even, drink TONS of water, and exercise. Focus on making your insides healthy and you will learn to accept you figure for the wonderful thing it is, no matter the size. Everyone will react differently to the medication and may take a while to get the exact doasge down. Make a commitment to be your own doctor, take advice from everyone, do a lot or research, and make decisions in your own best interest! You are your best advocate!



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M., I started drinking a product about a year ago called MonaVie it has done wonders for my health and my families. My Mom has been on Thyroid medication for years...they never did get it right...Last October she started drinking the MonaVie regularly and says it is amazing what it has done for her and she is off all the other medications. She says she never felt better and she has lost a lot of weight. After I saw what amazing differences it made in my family I sarted selling it you can check out my website
God Bless and Good Luck! There are tons of facts on how MonaVie is helping people Here are a few links:



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I also have the same problem and yes you do have to work twice as hard. I had thyroid cancer in 2000 and have dealt with weight issues ever since. One thing I would recommend that does help me at least stay at my current weight is taking One-A-Day Weightsmart vitamins. I swear they really help.



answers from Dallas on

This site has a lot of links with helpful info about diet, excersize, symptoms...:

This one explains how diet can harm/help and what to eat/avoid:

There are a lot of other great resources online. My mom has hypothyroidism, and when I do her hair, I can tell if she needs to get her levels checked again, b/c her hair will start to feel dry, limp and may even fall out some.

Other indicators it's time to get checked, are: fatigue, neck swelling, constipation, hoarsness, and cold intolerance.

Also, my mom was thinking about taking alli, most diet aids yo can't take when you are hypothyroid, but this one I *think* you can, just ask your doctor, because it can effect the dosage of your thyoid meds, so those may need to be adjusted.

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