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Updated on May 28, 2013
R.P. asks from Denver, CO
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My ten year old son had allergies for the first time last spring. His main symptoms were sneezing, and itchy eyes and throat. We tried Claritin D for children, which seemed to have good reviews, but stopped when my son kept saying his stomach hurt. His allergies were gone by the second week in June. My son does not have any allergies the rest of the year. This spring seems much worse. My son started mid- April with the itchy eyes, throat, and sneezing fits. Over the last two days he has also become extremely congested. I kept thinking I should run him into Urgent Care today to see if he had a sinus infection. However, the nasal secretions are clear and thin. He is also using so many more tissues now than with any sinus infection he ever had. He complained earlier of a headache, but Advil solved that problem. He has also had bouts of nausea, I'm guessing from post-nasal drip. I would love to treat this naturally. He won't use a neti-pot, but he did actually like the baby saline drops I used. Now he is coughing too, but no overall body aches and fatigue. A friend suggested Nasal-Krom over the counter drops, but said they take a few days to start working. If this is like last year, in a couple of weeks he will be allergy free. My husband and I don't have allergies+ our son is adopted) so we are inexperienced with this. Do we need to see our pediatrician? Does it sound like allergies or a virus? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

My son was running a low grade fever last night so I took him to the pediatrician this morning. I felt like such a bad mom for not taking care of this sooner. It really seemed like last year's allergies, but spiraled out of control over the weekend. . His lungs were so bad he needed a nebulizer treatment. He was coughing a little, but he has had much worse coughs that turned out to be nothing. He is now on Flonase, Zyrtec, and Albuterol. Next year we will be sure to start preventative measures before allergy season begins.

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answers from Augusta on

yep it's allergies. there's something in bloom that he's allergic to.
My kiddos do well on allerga. and they have allergy induced asthma.

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answers from Honolulu on

My daughter experienced the same thing about 2-3 weeks ago.she has allergies and they usually happen only in spring also.When i noticed she wasn't getting better i took her into the urgent care,The doctor diagnosed her with a sinus infection,she had all the symptoms your son has. You might want to take him in,it sound like he needs antibiotics.My daughter was prescribed Amoxicillin/Klav, within 3 days she was back to normal.

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answers from Kansas City on

My 10 year old has seasonal allergies.
O. doctor nailed it: Afrin, Zyrtec and Nasonex are his BFFs during allergy season.
When the basal passages get REALLY inflamed, the steroid in Nasonex (or similar) is the only thing that helps and prevents the rebound symptoms.

Good luck!

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answers from Detroit on

yup allergies..

my pediatrician said claritan, or if that doesn't work zyrtec. claritan doesn't help me much.. zyrtec is very drying.. so the nose is dry and not runny.. but the throat is dry also..

you can go to the pediatrician.. but there is not much to be done try the otc meds..

also.. pseudaphed can temporily dry up the nose.. but you really cant take it daily during allergy season.



answers from Raleigh on

I would start with the pediatrician, and see if he recommends an allergist., Once you have him tested for common allergies, you can avoid whatever it is he's allergic to. For my son, it's grass. We watch the allergy forecast and keep him indoors on high allergy days. He hates it, but he hates the congestion more.



answers from Honolulu on

Yep seasonal allergies.
In addition to Claritin for kids, there is also Allegra and Zyrtec. Kids versions.
Each one is different for each person.
I like Claritin.
My Mom does not and she likes Zyrtec. And I do not like Zyrtec at all.
Each person is different.

Have him, rinse his face with clear water. Also have him, whenever he gets home from somewhere or from playing outside... have him change his clothes. Because, minute particles of pollen/dust etc., adheres to clothing but we cannot see it with the naked eye. All day in the wind, wind kicks up all these pollen particles and it drifts everywhere. Even onto clothing and the face.
Also, you can use an air purifier in his room or the house.
My parents did this when I was a child. And it helps.
Yes, I have seasonal allergies just like your son.

Neti-pots help. My daughter would use that even at 5 years old.
But you have to, use it, properly. If he does not like it then I would not use it. But those spray type nasal washes, are also good. Saline types etc.
Or, there is "Little Noses" which is a nasal decongestant for kids. Found at any drugstore etc.

But he he then gets a fever, then, you know he is sick.
And yes, watch for sinus infection.
That then would not be, an allergy.



answers from Washington DC on

Natural remedies.
- shower nightly
- shower or change clothes as soon as you come inside.
- wash bedding weekly
- drink lots of water

I would take him to get checked for a sinus infection and/or strep. just to rule them out.

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