Help for a Fellow Mother and Laid-off Friend

Updated on December 27, 2007
M.K. asks from Lockport, IL
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My mom's neighbor has just been laid off. So sad that this has happened to her during the holidays, so I want to help. She is raising her two grandchildren. Does anyone have good ideas as to how/where to advertise that she is looking for office work or a babysitting position? Money is tight and she can't put an ad in the paper. She's already tried the local grocery store boards. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! M.

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I've used in the past. Just tell her to be careful and fully screen people and be safe about meeting with them. You can post for free. For childcare, there is a section in the community section where people post adds for childcare available or childcare needed. It's very simple to post an add. There is a link to post in the upper left hand corner. She just needs to select chicagoland or chicago. Also, there is a section with great helpwanted posts. Sounds like she needs to develop a resume, and save it to her computer in her documents so she can email it as an attachment. She can also sell items on it. Unlike ebay, you don't have to pay for a listing and you can arrange local pickups for items. There are so many ways that she could make money on Craigslist. Also there are great childrens items listed for her to buy for her grandchildren. I found the best Tigger Halloween costume for my son this year in excellent condition. It was a better one that would have been $30 or more new. I paid $5 and just had to drive across town to get it. Not bad, eh?! So many people use Craigslist - I would never pay to post an add in a local paper anymore!



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Hi M.,
Have her try Craigs list. That is a really good one to start at. Also, you can go to I think it is, or Those are relaly good ones too. I belong to both of them and I have advertised on Craigs list for things and with good results. I was wanting to babysit for a while, but really wanted a 3rd shift one, and thought alot of people might need that but did not get anything, but for daytime sitting, there is alot of hits on that from these.

S. Bailey CLD



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Hi M.,
There's never a good time for job loss...especially around the holidays. If your neighbor is looking for something that won't cost a lot of money to start at home, I would love to help. More and more people are looking for ways to generate multiple streams of income due to unfortunate situations such as job loss. I know..I've been there. I can be reached 2 ways. Feel free to call at any time.

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For free advertising, I would look into but as previous post mentioned, she'll just need to be careful :)

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