Help Finding a Part-time Nanny.

Updated on December 15, 2007
L.K. asks from Louisville, CO
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I am due with my 1st child in about a month. I need to find a part-time nanny that can come to my house. I really have no idea how or where to start! We looked into daycare, but my schedule is all over the place and I just don't want to pay for a full week if we will not use it. Any help would be wonderful!

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answers from Denver on

Check out CU. They have a board where you can post to find interested students. I found a law student there a few summers ago. She was great.
Sorry, I don't have the link anymore, but you can search online, or call the university.
Good luck!



answers from Denver on

That's easy. Just contact Julie at ###-###-####. She'll find you a wonderful nanny who can fit your schedule.

Julie has 17 years of professional experience screening, interviewing, checking references, etc. If you're not thrilled with the nanny she picks, you can switch -- but expect success, she is very good at matching nannies to families.

She has wonderful professionally-screened babysitters too. Just ask.

If you need someone for a fixed, repeating schedule -- that's a nanny. If you need someone occasionally (even last minute), that's a babysitter.

Please tell her J. from sent you. (We have a fantastic nanny from Julie for our weekly Date Night.)



answers from Denver on

Call your city local govt offices. They have lists of licensed care givers. Also there is a site where you can post an ad. The caregivers on that site have had background checks and so on. Ask your local church for references as well. That is what I do from my home, do part time daycare due to the real daycares being so crazy about not helping parents with just part time needs. With a newborn too you will be best to have it in your own home so your baby can have it's comfort zone and full attention.



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sitter city is great as they do background checks on all applicants.

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