HELP --Earrings Are Embedded in Daughter's Lobes!

Updated on June 20, 2012
F.T. asks from Southfield, MI
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I have a 3.5 year old and 22 month old daugther. My 22 month old was wearing studs (the ones her ears were pierced with) for about 9 mos. when our pediatrician noticed one was embedded in her lobe. We "dug" it out of her ear and treated it with antiseptic & Neosporin. The hole has closed back to normal size. My 3.5 year old was wearing butterfly-shaped earrings & I just noticed this weekend that 1 was embedded in her ear! Neither of my girls are wearing earrings now, but I don't want the holes to close back up. Can anyone refer me to: (1) a jeweler that sells 14k white or yellow gold earrings FOR TODDLERS (shortened stem); (2) tips on how to prevent this in the future. I've seen hoop earrings on toddler girls that actually don't hang off the lobe, they sorta wrap around the lobe. HELP! I used to buy earrings from Corey's Jewel Box, but they've gone out of business.

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Hi F.. Now I feel better! Thought I was the only one going through this. The way I took care of this problem is I bought all three of them hook earrings that actually have a lock in the back so they don't fall out. I think they are either 10 or 14K, I don't remember. I got them from The Piercing Pagoda. I think they were $50 per pair, but they always have this promotion where if you buy for $50, they give you a future coupon for $25 off $50, so I bought one pair, then went back in about two weeks and got the other. I am having a playdate with some of the moms on Monday September 29, at Westland Mall. My kids will be there if you would like to see their earrings. Let me know!

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I had the same thing happen to my daughter.She was 7 though when she first got them pierced.It was the back of the earring that was embedded.I bought the earring backs that have the round plastic protector which worked great.But if it's the front of the earring thats getting inside I would suggest also buying hook earrings for the girls.



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There is a place called Binaldis in Clinton Township. It's an Italian place. They have all kinds of Italian items including children's jewelery.

Our family has been going there for years. Most of the earrings that my girls wear are from there or Italy. They are both in hoops now. I try to keep them in 14K as well b/c I get irritated if I use anything else and figured I would spare them the pain!

I have also purchased some pairs from stores like Kohl's, Walmart etc.

I had them pierced at Claire's in the mall. They usually have 14K there. You can always look online as well.

Be sure you are turning the earrings twice a day as well as cleaning them two to three times a day w/alchahol (or something from the jeweler). Claire's sells solution at their store. Swab them after showers or baths to make sure no soap or dirt was trapped.

It's probably best to keep them in posts until they heal. It's easier to turn and clean a post earring.

After the earrings heal be sure to check them every few weeks to make sure they aren't dirty and aren't becoming embedded. Take them out for a few hours. My mom would take mine out and soak them in peroxide for a while then put them back in.

Hope you find what you are looking for!



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Tiny gold hoops that lock in the back. TJ Maxx will often have 14K gold hoops at a reasonable price. And for earrings that require backs, just make sure they are big enough backings. I had to tell my daughter to not play with/push the backings tight up against the back of her ears.


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F. -

When I got my ears pierced as a kid, my grandmother would thread a piece of heavy string soaked in hydrogen peroxide (or alcohol, when I got older) through my ear and tie the ends in a small knot when she took my earrings out. That would allow the skin around the hole to "breathe", if you will, and she would re-wet the string every day and pull it through the hole to sanitize the hole itself. She did that for two or three days at a time, then when it was time to put my earrings back in, she'd just cut the string, pull it out, and put my earrings back in. I've never had problems with my piercings.

Hope this helps!



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I don't know if it matters if the earrings are gold. There is a difference between having an allergic reaction to lesser quality earrings and the earrings being embedded. You need to turn the earrings on a regular basis and keep the ear and earrings clean. We use hydrogen peroxide, but all the places that pierce ears carry products for cleaning. Make it the nightly ritual after brushing teeth. This has helped us.



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To prevent embedding, make sure that there is space between the earring and the lobe. When the earrings are to close to the ear, it causes embedding. Just keep some space between the lobe and the back. Or use safety clutch backs. They ensure that the back doesn't touch the lobe, thus preventing embedding.

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