Help! Diaper Bag!

Updated on November 01, 2012
W.M. asks from Philadelphia, PA
9 answers

Do any of you ladies know of a place online where I can order a mongrammed diaper bag for my baby boy?

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answers from New York on

Try Pottery Barn Kids, ebay or for a custom handmade one. Just a suggestion....It's not monogrammed, but my Ju Ju Be bag was the absolute best "Mommy Bag" I've owned. (I've owned quite a few!) Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Lands' End does a great job with monogramming, and their diaper bags wear like iron.

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answers from Orlando on

Check out Thirty One gifts online. I have two and love them. They are different styles and patterns. If you need a consultant to sell you one, I can give you a name of a friend of mine who just started selling them. Check out the website first to see if you like them.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Land's End has them, too.



answers from Kansas City on

do you know anyone who has an embroidery machine or likes to embroider that might do it for you?



answers from Youngstown on

Simply Bags has a full line of personalized diaper bags. FREE embroidered monogram on every bag


answers from Las Vegas on

This seller has some CUTE diaper bags. One is mossy oak camo, so cute.
The second one is because I'm a sucker for polka dots :P

I like the getdolledupboutique website that Deidre gives, I was going to buy something there (a tote) a few months ago but didn't bookmark it and lost the site so thanks Deidre.



answers from Dallas on

My sister lives in Avondale PA and has an embroidery machine - let me know if you can't find someone - I can ask her if she'd do it :)

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