Help Dealing with a 2 Yr Old & a 3 Yr Old

Updated on October 23, 2008
S.V. asks from Lawrenceville, VA
4 answers

I need help dealing with my middle child and my 1 yr old. my middle child is a girl that does every and any thing for attention and she does not like to be corrected for anything when she is corrected she lays in the floor and hollars and sreams like some ome is killing her please help me keep my self in one stable mind I NEED HELP

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I have 5yr old twins, and i dont think theres much difference when it comes to a 2yr and 3yr, well anyway i found it really hard to deal with both of mine, then i tried making a wall chart with stickers, and at the end of each day, if they were good they got a sticker, and if they got 5 in a row, they got a surprise, i have a treasure box, that i fill with little toys and things i know they will like, it works a treat, oh and if they are bad I will tell them to stop and be good (well along those lines) 2 warnings on the 2nd it's the last then it's time out, if they get time out i dont shut them in a room but sit the on a chair like in the dinning room, with an egg timer, set to 5 mins (1 min per year) and tell them i will come talk to you when it buzzes, by that time they are over there tantrum and ready to play, as long as they get a big hug at the end!

this has made my life and the twins' life so much happier.



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Creating kids their own special charts with items they can help you with around the house and "bonus points" for good behavior,no time outs, extra help, really helped me with my son who is now 5. We started it when he was two with simple items, such as helping mom put clothes in the wash and dryer, picking up toys, bonus points were for good manners at a restauraunt without being told and so forth. He still has a chart, he lives by it! He loves putting on all the gold star stickers when something is done right and when he receives a certain amount of gold stars in a month, he is allowed to choose from a list of rewards. Just a thought



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Mom’s Meeting Mom’s
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November 11th, 2008 @ 6:00

Just think… a peaceful diner, a glass of wine or two, and not one person yelling “MOMMY.”

Can you imagine that!!!

Hi, My name is H. and I am a mother of two beautiful little boys. Owen is going on 4 years and Sam will be 6 months. I get to stay home with them and just be a mom. I love what I do, but let’s face it, what we as moms do is a 24/7. I strongly believe that mom’s do not have enough outlets for themselves to just get away to and enjoy “me time.” So with the help of some friends the idea came about to have a place where other mom’s can safely get together, have diner and meet each other. This is a great time to get advice, make friends (adult conversation), play dates, and networks yourselves and your services.

Please join me at the Trindle Café on November 11, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. to meet other local moms in the area. Bring some other mothers who may benefit from a night out.

Food will be available for purchase. Take a look at their menu

You are more than welcome to bring your favorite drink or a bottle of wine.
Please keep in mind it is not required!

R.S.V.P is not required but would be greatly appreciated.
If attending and possible, please email me at [email protected] A simple email with just your first name and the number of guest attending with you would help me to have the proper amount of seating.

We all love of little bundles of joy, but we do ask that just for one night you leave them behind. Focus the night on you and only you. You’ll be thankful you did!!!



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Hi S.,
I have a VERY strong willed little boy who is 2 and a very independent and stubborn girl who is 12. To help me deal with all of the stress I was going through, my doctor gave me abook that a child psychiatrist colleague of hers gave to her. It's called "SOS! Help for Parents". If you wanted to check it out the website is: It should have some inserts from the book that you can read. This book has helped me immesurably and my kids are a lot less frustrated with me now. Hope this helps!
~ C.

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