Help-What Can I Eat That Is Healthy While Breastfeeding Under These Conditions?

Updated on April 11, 2008
T.T. asks from Denton, TX
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I just got back from the ped and found out my 8 week old had blood in his stool and after testing it they determined he has a milk allergy.
He is a breast feed baby and I do not want to give that up.
I am not allowed to have any Dairy or Soy... I thought I would be okay because I was thinking milk, cheese, yogurt, and cream..Then I got home and looked at all my Weight Watchers snacks..Some form of milk.
I am really trying to figure out some snack ideas other than fruit, lean meats, and veggies.
Any-one else gone through this?

Thank you in advance.

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answers from Dallas on


I have kids who are lactose intolerent so I don't do dairy while nursing. I have been pg or nursing since August 2002 so I get it.

BTW Oreo's are dairy free, :)

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I think that it is great that you want to continue breastfeeding. I too am a mother of a 7 month old who has a milk and soy allergy. I choose to continue breastfeeding.
As for the perks of removing the milk and soy proteins: I have lost all of my baby weight (this was a huge one as it is hard to maintain weight without all the yummy goodness of cheese, milk and ice cream), I get to eat a lot of different types of foods that I might not normally make (i.e. Thai, Mediterranean, Japanese style food....) and I get to feel as if I am in control of her allergy and not feel so helpless. The down side is obviously the entire grocery store filled with items that I can't eat. I now make most of our meals at home. I recommend Almond milk, especially the chocolate almond milk. It is very close in flavor to the real thing and I don't really notice a difference. Check out the Vegan section of grocery stores like sprouts and central market. They carry a vegan version of sour cream that I really like. As for butter which is used in most all baking, cooking, etc... If you shop at Albertsons you can get the always save brand of spread (it’s near the margarine section) It doesn't have any whey or casein in it. As far as cheese I don't recommend any goat cheese but I do highly recommend sheep’s cheese. The goat cheese to me has a funny smell (but they do make quite a few products used in baking like evaporated goats milk). I have purchased 100% sheep’s milk feta and I have also had some cheese very similar to parmesan made from sheep’s milk. The parmesan sheep’s milk is so much better then the cows milk version I don't think I will replace it even when I stop breastfeeding. There are quite a few kosher items that are milk free and it is always good to look for those items as well. I have also noticed that when grocery shopping the fewer items listed on the back the better chance it having no milk proteins. Many of the bakery breads at grocery stores are without milk or butter.
I know how hard it is going to be to remove these items from the diet. It does get easier. I always like to take a stroll by the formula section to remind me of the cost of nutramigen and allimentum so that I feel better about my decision. If you need any other ideas for replacements or just someone to relate to please feel free to write me. I hope this helps!!

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My 8 month old, breastfed baby has dairy, wheat, nut and whole egg allergies. I have been dealing with this for 2 months now.

Here are some of my snack ideas: V8, (very quick & nutritious)chips and salsa, fruit, salad (careful w/dressing), rice chips, hummus, popsicles, pickles, sorbet, turkey sausages (frozen & you can pop in microwave). Rice Crispie treats made w/faux butter! I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting at the moment.

I found a "butter" that is vegan and milk free. It's called Earth Balance. I also take a calcium pill in addition to my pre natal and fish oil supplement.

My baby's wheezing and rashes cleared up completely when I eliminated the foods he was found to be allergic to via a bloodtest.

Good luck to you. It's VERY tough to eliminate a food group in your diet, but not impossible. I hope your little one outgrows the allergy.



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I am sorry to hear that I know it is a very hard diet to stick to. I was just wondering if they did a blood test on her on as well as the stool test? They thought my daughter was allergic to milk (I breastfeed her as well). When they tested her they did a blood test. I thought my doctor told me this was a more accurate test. I have a friend who just went through this and after a month on being on the diet her daughter still had a blood in her stool. Then the doctor said well I guess she is not allergic to milk. So I would just have them do another test to make sure.



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Have you thought about using rice milk or almond milk? You just have to make everything yourslef. That is what I do for my kids - they both have milk allergies. Fortunately, my sons can both have soy so it is a bit easier to deal with, but they even make rice milk ice cream. Good luck, I know it is time consuming, but over time it really does get easier. ***REVISION*** I know one of the previous posters said that with milk allergies cheese is usually okay, but in BOTH of my son's cases this is ABSOLUTELY not true! As soon as they ate a piece of cheese, they would vomit. I would recommend reading labels - VERY CLOSELY. A lot of products at the grocery store that are in the vegan section do have some milk proteins in them. Your best bet is to read labels and make as much as you can yourself. There are also some great cook books out there for people with allergies. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

haha .. just had to comment that you can be the poster child for the 1% of birth controls NOT working. :-) So, did I read this correct .. your baby is just 8 weeks old and you are ALREADY pregnant again? Wow, fertile myrtle, for sure!!! just curious what the ages of your other children are. ;-)

Sorry, don't have any advice about milk allergies. :-( Hope you'll find some things that you'll be able to eat. Perhaps ... having foods that have the allergy alert on them that they were 'processed with milk products' maybe that wouldn't affect him as strongly as your actually having dairy products? Does that make sense?

Good Luck!!!



answers from Abilene on

You might also ask about powdered milk. I had horrible milk allergies as a child but I could have that.

As far as other food -- pretty much everything is made with milk products. I bet if you just cut out what is considered dairy you will be OK. You might even try working cheese and such back into your diet after he's been OK for a while. As most people with milk allergies don't have problems with cheese.

Good Luck!

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