Help-Baby's First Cold.

Updated on April 28, 2008
K.P. asks from Columbia, SC
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My daughter just came down with her first cold and of course, it's breaking my heart. She had a low grade fever yesterday and woke up this morning very congested -but no fever. I'm using Saline drops, Vicks baby rub (on her feet, chest, back etc)and taking lots of vitamins (we breastfeed) but just wondered what else I should try. We have the humidifier running in her room and her bed elevated. She actually slept from 1am-7am last night (she usually does 10:30-7) but she sure was miserable when I got her up to eat. She is only 3 months so I know no meds. What else can I do???

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for all the advice. We tried everything and it all seemed to bring her a level of comfort. Unfortunately she developed a wheeze on the 3rd day so I took her to the Dr. She had Croup! :-( The Dr. put her on steroids for that and within 12 hours she was breathing normally again, today (day 4 on the steroids) she is great. The cold seems to be almost completely gone and she is back to sleeping normally. So-we've lived through the first cold and I now have an basket full of herbs and oils for next time. :-) Thanks again!

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The only other things I might suggest is to hold her in a closed bathroom while the hot water creates steam (about 10 minutes or as long as you can stand, then suction out her nose as soon as you leave the bathroom. The steam helps loosen up the congestion so you can more effectively suction it out. Also warm compresses (not hot) on her face or chest, back (warm damp washclothes work fine). Other than that, just try to keep fluids in her and comfort her when she needs it, and wait for it to pass. It seems as if you are doing almost all you can. If it doesnt improve in a couple weeks, see doc in case she develops ear or sinus infections. I hope she feels better soon!

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It sounds like your are doing everything perfectly! Luckily, these things seem to pass rather quickly. Good job!



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You could try using essential oils in your humidifier, such as Frankincense, Lavender, Chamomile and Eucalyptus. Less of each is more in this situation, which is good, because essential oils can be expensive. You could take her in the shower with you to allow help loosen the mucus. You use an essential oil mixed with a quality oil as a chest rub. Some people choose Lobelia combined with Lavender or some other good expectorant essential oil.

You're actually giving her the very best thing there is for a cold - your breastmilk and your loving comfort in your arms. It will pass, thank goodness.

D. S, mom to 5, all of whom breastfed



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Putting tea tree oil in a humidifier can help. It is a natural anti-fungal agent. If she is coughing, a warm mist humidifier (she is too little to scald herself--some baby books warn against using them for that reason) will do wonders! It will pass quickly! :)



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Go to the health food store and get liquid vitamin C. ask them about dosage. I gave my son about a 1/4 teaspoon at that age. The liquid helps the mucous to pass and carry out toxins. as you child ages, keep the C around and at first sign of a cold, give the C. I do not beleive in chemical cures, so no medicines - don't ge her hooked. Get to know you health food store sources. I would use tiger balm instead of vapor rub = sparingly! It is strong and effective. J. Gordon



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I don't know what your ped will say but the nebulizer w/ albuterol always cleared the little colds up w/ my son. it tried it up and the humidifier helped him breath at night. Also believe it or not taking my son outside for a little while even w/the weather changing helped also. Every child is different but i would keep a close eye on her because of the chance of her developing RSV. My son never had it until he was 11 months old but it still could happen. T. Strickland



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Hi K.,
My heart goes out to you and your little one. When my son was sick with a lot of drainage, we tried different meds, and one thing that really calmed him and helped him sleep was that I slept in the rocking chair with him (in addition to the cold medicine we gave him). Holding him seemed to be the only thing that would calm him, so we spent about three nights in the rocker recliner. Medicine is good, and it helped, but there's nothing like mommy for comfort.



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It sounds like you're doing just about everything you can. Just give her lots of TLC... and infant Tylenol. Although you can't give her cold meds, infant Tylenol will help A LOT in making her more comfortable. I hardly ever used any medicines for my oldest four children, but I have started using infant Tylenol with my 11 month old, and it helps so much when he isn't feeling well. Also, be careful with the Vicks and check the ingredients. Camphor can cause seizures.



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Karen, you are doing pretty much everything you can. I would not give her tylenol just because she has a cold the previous post said. Seeing a chiropractor would be great though! You can try and boost her immune system on top of that with something from the health food store...just go to your local one and they can help you. We use Kid-E-Well, and other Kid-E products from



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Have you tried taking her into the bathroom with the water in the shower runnign really hot lettign the steam build up in the bathroom and let her sit in her carrier in the steam?
also being so young I would take her into the Dr. to rule out anything else like an ear infection. and check her for teething as well.



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Colds at that age are really tough. You are already doing what I would recommend - saline and elevation. We put DD in a bouncy seat or car seat to get her higher. At night we would put the bouncy in the crip. Other than that it is just TLC and rest.



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Hi K.,

One thing that isn't thought of often is chiropractic care. If the spine is aligned properly the immune system can do it's job. It will knock that cold out quickly. It will also prevent future ones.

When I first began chiropractic care my oldest daughter was 14 months (the point of her first ear infection and seizure). I took my next child in straight from the hospital. Chiropractic isn't just for back pain, it is true preventative care.



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