Help! Clothing Suggestions for My 11 Year Old!

Updated on January 16, 2010
J.E. asks from Plainfield, IN
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Ok - to begin with, my son is very picky about his clothes. Not really how they look, but how they feel. But I do believe that he is starting to feel the social view of his clothing selections are not always so positive. We are now down to about 2 (too small) shirts and 3 (too short) wind pants that he will wear. Also have issues with underwear - the next size up is too big, but his current size is really too small, so we are down to 2 pair (and one is in VERY sad shape). Anyway, he agreed to go shopping with me this weekend to look at new clothes. I need your help - do any of you know of certain brands that are very slim, but long legged? He is not exceptionally tall, but his body proportion is more legs - he is short waisted, so pants that fit him in the waist are too short, ones that are long enough are too big in the waist. He does like simple pull on pants and shirts, no buttons, etc. (I know, I know, crazy list of specifications). But when we head out shopping, I'd like to have an idea of where to begin so we don't waste time at places that don't have what he needs. I look forward to your ideas!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I don't know how high they go to, and the price can sometimes be a bit much, but my son is very slim and tall for a 6 year old. He wears 7-8's but if we buy regular I can literally fit two fist between him and his pants but they are the correct length. I got to Children's Place. It's the ONLY place I have found so far that I can get pants that fit him without a belt so they don't fall off. (He has fine motor skill issues and can't do belts yet on his own). We buy slim sizes. Most sweat pants/warm up pants fit him, so we don't have a problem there. I baught Reebock warm ups from Kohl's and he LOVES them because they are soft and have a matching hoody! They typically have decent prices. I take coupons in b/c we always have them. (And my mother in law swears by name brand stuff and helps with the cost :-) ) They also have a lot of options in pull on shirts. I found that their clothes were similar in style to anywhere else included L.L.Bean which we have bought from in past years.
Underwear, we have an issue with that too. I have found after a few months of washing that the size he's in doesn't fit but brand new ones in the same size fit perfect. The next size up is still HUGE on him.
Good luck shopping!



answers from Cincinnati on

If you are looking for basketball/athletic pants, Nike works best for my skinny, long legged son. As for jeans, try the stores that have "slim" brands - Levi's, Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place.

As for undies, maybe try the boxer briefs - all three of my boys love them.

For shirts, stick to the shirts that are tagless, which many are now days.



answers from Dayton on

My son is the longest kid I know so I feel your pain. He is 16, 6'2", and all arms and legs. He is also very, very thin, although I don't know how when I see all the food this kid can put away. He has always been shaped this way, so we went through a whole year at your sons age in nothing but wind pants or track pants.

It's a good thing Old Navy exsists. They have a good assortment of track pants and sweats in different colors, styles and fabrics. They have long and short sleeve tees and they even have some on clearance.

You might try there.

Hope this helps,




answers from Toledo on

My son is tall & thin as well, 5 years old and 4'4" - he needs 7/8 for the length, but HAS to have the buttoned elastic waists if there's any hope of keeping the pants up. I get a lot of Sonoma (Kohl's),Children's Place, Gap and Old Navy. I have the best luck finding these at consignment stores or at Goodwill. For the $2 I pay at Goodwill, I can afford to stop in each week and check to see if there is anything. We have access to great used name brand clothing here. Just an idea. Good luck! I know that your situation is my future - my husband wears 32x34, nearly impossible to find!



answers from Indianapolis on

Old Navy has a great selection of the 'other' proportions. I go there when I need pants for my niece since she's 8 years old, wears a 9/10 in length, but can wear a 6t in the waist.



answers from Cleveland on

Find a good tailor to take in the pants that are too big. We have the opposite problem in my house--the guys are "vertically challenged" (they're not overweight, they're under-tall). Anything that fits in the waist has hopelessly long legs--lol! Our "sewing lady" has been a godsend. Check out Lands End and LLBean, they may have slim sizes.

For the underwear, my (teen) sons both like the boxers better than briefs.

good luck

K. Z.


answers from Norfolk on

He can't wear a belt? Look for different styles of underwear. Boxers usually hang from the waist, so the waist on those might be a little tighter (but elastic).

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