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Updated on February 12, 2008
P.L. asks from Santa Fe, TX
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I let someone borrow our playpen about a year ago, and now that I'm less than a month from having my new little one, I went and got it back. Well, it's soaked in dog pee. It's in the carrying case, so I don't know how deep it soaked in to the actual playpen, but I don't want to touch it and find out! It's not like the thing can be taken apart and thrown in the washing machine! Is there any way to clean it or should I just give up and get a new one?

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So What Happened?

Well, when we got it out of the case, it was a little grungy, but it was mostly the carrying case that had the pee on it. I soaked in with ammonia several times and then my husband pressure washed it until the water ran clear. (He said it was nasty and brown.) I plan to hose it down with some more ammonia, just to be sure. Depending what happens with my baby shower, I may be able to just get a new one. I'm so disappointed in my "friend" for having treated it that way, but I knew she wouldn't take care of it to begin with. I'm surprised I got it back in as good condition as it is, actually. And I know she won't be helping to pay for a new one, even if I could get her to see that it's her responsibility to. They have no money! Guess I'm just SOL there.

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Hi P.,
If it were me, I'd chuck it and get a new one. (Or check out some of your local kids resale shops. I've always been able to find really good deals on very gently used baby equipment.) We've had dogs in the past and urine is one of the hardest smells to get rid of. But if you want to try to salvage it, take it outside and spray it down with the Resolve pet stain cleaner. Then hose it down really, really well. You don't want to leave any chemical residue or fumes. Then I would invest in a few of the playpen sheets and a waterproof pad, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck,



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Get a new one or one at a resale or pee is a smell that some how just seems to come back after a while.



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OMG! How irresponsible of the person who borrowed this from you. :( Anyway, GIVE IT UP FOR SURE>....don't even attept to put your new baby in it. You will have no way of knowing and you do not want your baby girl laying in that. I would just spend the money and get a new one. It is not worth it. Congrats on your new baby girl!



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How sad a friend would be so careless! How horrid a thing! Don't use it! I suspect it could make your baby ill! I wouldn't trust anything from a used store either - how would you ever be certain it had been clean and not abused? Obviously standards differ greatly! Just look at what happened with a friend! Get a new one IMO! Best Wishes.



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BUY A NEW ONE, and if you want...give me your friend's phone number and I'll ask her to buy it for you. How inconsiderate! This is a rule that I have started to live by: If I "lend" someone something, I do not expect it back. If I get it back, then great I can donate it to Goodwill. I never lend anyone anything that I want to keep. It is so sad that I have that mentality now, but you get burned so many times you learn to keep your hand out of the fire!



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If it is in good condition other than the urine, I would wash it off with water outside with the hose. Then go to the pet store and buy a product called Natures Miracle. As a mom and pet owner this is the only thing that I have found that really gets the urine stain and odor out!

But if it is really bad, I would chuck it and buy a new one. Since your friend was so careless I would ask them to chip in for half of a new or used one! (A real friend would offer $$ you shouldn't have to ask!)

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