HELP!! Christmas Stress Already :(

Updated on November 07, 2008
T.H. asks from Clovis, NM
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Hi there moms, I really need your help. The teacher from my daugher, who's in the third grade, came up to me yesterday and asked me if I could come up with a Christmas dance routine, with my daughter and a few of her friends, for the Christmas Bazaar at the elementary school on the 25th of this month. So I'm really time pressed. I thought to do a routine to either Jingle Bell Rock or All I want for Christmas is you, by Mariah Carey. Which song do you all think is the best one to dance to? Or do any of you have any better song ideas? Plus, not sure about costumes. Pants, skirts, in red, white, Santa hats, wings, bells? I just don't know. If any of you have any good ideas that will help me to make this performance enjoyable to teach the five girls in the group and enjoyable for the parents to watch, I would love to hear them. Thank you, thank you in advance!!!

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now this is just my opinion and while "all i want for christmas is you" is a great song with a snappy beat....i don't think it's appropriate for a 3rd grade dance routine.

i remember i LOVED the hippopotamus song and jingle bell rock is great too. good luck.

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My friend and I just learned how to make tutu's and they were so easy, just google for online instructions. They only cost us $10 a piece, and took maybe an hour if that. Then you could buy plain t-shirt and get a sequin iron on transfer from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The outfit would be cute, easy and cost effective.

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I love that Hippo song! lol I don't know about songs or dances, but Oriental Trading Company has some great costume pieces for very cheap. You could also have the kids wear either a red or green t-shirt and make a flannel collar with bells that you would velcro on in the back; something simple to put on and take off.

Best wishes, and I hope you don't stress too much! :)

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I love the Mariah Carey Christmas song. It has a great dancing beat. But my favorite, non-traditional "fun" Christmas song is the "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" song sung by Gayla Peevey in 1953 with lyrics and music by John Rox. Me and my kids break out into song in the car sometimes just singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do. No crocodiles, or rhinoceroses. I only like, hippopotamuses. And hippopotamuses like me too!!" It's such a fun song!

Here's an interesting fact about the popular Christmas hippopotamus song that I found on the Internet - "in 1953 a ten-year-old girl from Oklahoma, Gayla Peevey, sang the song as a way to raise money for the Oklahoma City Zoo's first hippopotamus. It became a nationwide hit after that, although John Rox wrote the song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" in 1950!

The song was not written specifically for the Oklahoma zoo, its just that when they needed the hippo, the song came out so the Christmas hippopotamus song just fit. The media, in order to raise funds, encouraged people to send their nickels and dimes to buy Gayla a "hippo" for Christmas. In December of that year the city received Matilda, the hippo, for Christmas. Isn't that a perfect example of the miraculous spirit associated with Christmas songs and the joy they spread."

I'm no choreographer, nor do I have a creative bone in my body, so I can't help you with ideas for how to create a dance routine or skit to this song. I just think it's such a cute tune and thought I'd throw that out there for you to consider.

Man, thinking about that song is putting me in the Christmas spirit already!! ;-)

Good luck!

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