Help Choosing New OB/ Hospital to Deliver At?

Updated on February 11, 2008
H.S. asks from Coppell, TX
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I am looking at finding a new OB/GYN near Coppell. I have heard good things about these 4 doctors: James Peters, Timothy Rost, Julia Flowers & Alan Cowen. If you have personal experience, can you tell me:
1.)Do they have good bedside manner, take their time?
2.)Do you feel confident in their knowledge and experience to detect problems?
3.)Do they have the newest equipment in office?
If I get pregnant...(in the future)
4.) Would the doctor definitely be the one to deliver (I'll have a C-section) or would someone else potentially deliver the child?
5.) What hospital - Baylor Irving, Baylor Grapevine, or Medical Center-Lewisille is the best for neonatal care, c-sections, etc...?

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answers from Dallas on

My doctor is at Baylor Grapevine and his name is Edward Clark. He has awesome bedside manner and what I love most is that he has a small practice. He is always the doctor you see and he will deliver your baby unless he on vacation which he only takes a few weeks a year. He is a very calm and laid back guy which at first I was not sure that I liked because I am sooooo high strung but it was actually a great balance and I did have a minor problem at the end of my pregnancy that required an immediate C-section and he was on it!! Since he is a smaller practice he did just get a new sono machine but I don't think it is like the 4D but it is effective. My situation called for a more detailed sono in which he just sent me right upstairs to sono specialist but other than that he has it all and does it all right in the office. I give him the highest reccommendation and I have seen other Dr's at Baylor Gvine. Hope this info is helpful...



answers from Dallas on

I delivered at Baylor Grapevine and loved it. The nurses were awesome and I had everything I needed/wanted. My Dr. is Rebecca Roberts and she is great! I think she's actally in practice with Alan Cowen. I can't tell you if she's the one to actually deliver (if she's out of town, there's not much choice in that matter). But I had a c-section and she was great. No complaints. and yes, I believe that they have the newest equipement and do the newest tests available.



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I intended to use Dr. Flowers because of all the great things I heard about her when I was picking an OB/GYN, but she had a waiting list of 6+ months to get in to see her. I ended up using Dr. Allen with Women's Integrated Healthcare. I loved all the doctors there, though I see they aren't on your list.

I delivered at Baylor Grapevine and had the best experience. My baby didn't require any specialized neonatal help, but there was a specialist on-hand during my c-section because my daughter was breech. I think I remember seeing that the neonatal unit is equipped to care for babies born from 26 weeks on. The nurses were so great. It was my first baby, so I had lots of questions. I couldn't have had a better experience.



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I'm not sure about the Baylor Centers, but I do know that Medical Center-Lewisville is NOT equipped for high level NICU care, should you need it (and I pray that you don't!). When our son was in the NICU at Medical Center of Plano, there was a baby girl there that had been transferred from Lewisville. Her parents live in Corinth, so they had to drive the extra 30 miles daily to get to see their daughter, IF they got to see her that day, at all (they had other children at home, too).

Baylor Irving is probably going to be your best bet for ease of getting to the hospital, but I would make "interview" appointments with the doctors you are considering, and write down every single question you can think of to ask, both from the doctor's standard of care to the hospital's.

GOOD LUCK! and I hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

Hi H.,

Dr. Rost was my doctor with my first son. I had him at Baylor Grapevine. He was very nice and had a pleasant bedside manner.

Dr. Stanley Franklin (in Lewisville) was my doctor for my second son and again now that I am pregnant with twins. I really love Dr. Franklin and always highly recommend him. I found the whole experience at Lewisville Medical Center much better than Baylor. Both were c-sections. My second son needed to be in the NICU for a short time and Lewisville has a fantastic one.

Good luck!

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