Help - Can You Use a Peg Perego Infant Seat in Another Type of Stroller?

Updated on June 09, 2010
A.N. asks from Havertown, PA
9 answers

Hi there,

I'm asking this request for my sister. She is due with #2 shortly and will need a double stroller for the baby and her almost 2 yr old. She has the Peg Perego infant seat and was told by someone at BRU that it will only fit in a Peg stroller. I find this hard to believe as I know many seats transfer to many strollers, even if they require a special adaptor bar. She wants her dbl. stroller options to be open. I'd love to hear if you have used a Peg Perego infant seat with another brand of stroller, double specifically, and what that brand is/was and if it worked for you. Thanks in advance!

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answers from York on

I did not have a peg perego seat, but I had sold the stroller that went with my seat at a yard sale. So with baby #2, I just took my seat into burlington coat factory and tried it on all the strollers they had on display. I think I ended up getting the same brand of stroller however that the seat was. So you might be unsuccessful in your ventures. I am not sure. I choose burlington, because where I live, the seem to have the most strollers on display and they keep them on the floor not up where you can't reach them to try them out. Best of luck.


answers from Philadelphia on

Hi, Babies R Us is great, but they are definitely not the most knoweledgeable! I had a Peg Perego infant carrier and it fit in the Baby Trend Sit n Stand double stroller, which is a great double stroller. :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi A.-

I purchased this stroller nearly a year ago and I like it. It depends how old the first child is though because he/she can sit or stand in the back but they are not strapped in. It also fits the Peg Perego baby seat...I have that one as well.

good luck.




answers from Los Angeles on

it is hard to believe, but that's how peg perego makes their money. other car seats won't fit the strollers and the car seats won't fit other strollers. if you are interested i have a peg perego elegante duette double stroller for sale on ebay for $100.
these strollers are over $800 new and up to $550 used outrageous!
i just thought i'd let you know since your sister alredy has the carseat. i used it with my newborn and 3 year old, but it's just not practical for me.


answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi A.. Tell your sister to think outside of the box. Infant seats that fit into strollers have only been around for the last few years. I had a graco double stroller that I loved and I would lay my infant in the back seat and put the older child in the front. It's all in what you want to do and deal with. And to be honest, my infant car seat did fit into the stroller safely. Good luck and best wishes.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My friend has a PP seat and it doesn't fit in any of my strollers ( I have Graco). I don't know about an adapter bar, you could check the PP website.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hello A.. I used my Peg Perego seat in the Urban Mountain Buggy stroller. It is an awesome stroller - very durable, roomy but streamlined, and chock full of things to make life easier for a busy parent. Their double stroller is the best around ( a bit pricey), but well worth it. I am just not sure if you can use the car seat on the double stroller. Check out their website when you are able and Good Luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used mine in a "universal car seat carier" from Babies R Us and LOVED IT because it was just a lightweight frame which worked great and once the baby was out of the carseat I could use any other stroller I wanted.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My Jeep double stroller fits all other infant carriers. I got it at Burlinton baby depot.

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