Help! Big Red Soda on Carpet!!!

Updated on January 23, 2009
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
6 answers

My baby dumped half of a can of big red on our almost white carpet yesterday. I tried resolve 3 times, and still can't get it off! Please advise! TIA!

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answers from Dallas on

Well I love my Unbelievable spray! This works wonders. I originally bought it at a vacuum store at the corner of Forest and Preston, but I now buy it in bulk on-line. Especially with a messy husband and messy toddler. You can also use it on clothes and upholstery! Here is a link, but look on-line to see if they have it cheaper. I used to also sometimes see it at Tom Thumb and Albertson's.



answers from Dallas on

Try Spot Shot. I spilled coffee on my white carpet and it completely took the stain out. Good luck!



answers from Amarillo on

Try club soda on the spot and then blot it up. My son did this to a friend's white carpet once and another person poured club soda on the spot and it came out. Then I would use a shampooer. Good luck. The other S.



answers from Dallas on

We use this stuff called Folex. You can get it at Home Depot or Lowes. White bottle with purple writing. It gets most everything out of the carpet.



answers from Dallas on

Spot Shot is awesome!

Sometimes to get red out of carpet you need to use some heat, so a towel on the spot and an iron may help it, but don't get it too hot.


answers from Dallas on

I use the aerosol can ZEP from Home Depot. Spray it on, blot, blot, blot.

We have 3 dogs and we also love red wine. I have removed many stains with Zep.

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