Help! Anyone Know of a Good Couples Counselor?

Updated on May 28, 2008
M.B. asks from Atlanta, GA
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My other half and I are in dire need of couples therapy. We have talked about this for months now but have yet to pick up the phone to call anyone. Can any of you recommend a good marriage counselor in the Marietta/Roswell area? We would be willing to drive further as well.
Also, has anyone went to therapy to save a marriage and had good results? I am so desperate at this point. Thank you.

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Crossings Counseling Center - Karen Greene - ###-###-####
1000 Johnson Ferry Rd. My husband and I went to her and, I feel saved our marriage! She was just incredible. Please give her a call! Good luck!

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I strongly recommend a therapist named Catherine McCall in Roswell. ###-###-####. She runs several workshops for married couples and couples bringing home new babies.
She was recommended to me because she does work with women who are struggling with transitions after having babies.
Give her a call and see how she can assist you.

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Hi Megan!

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems in yoour marriage, however, I also congratulate you for taking action. I am recomending this web site to you, there you can find couples therapy according to every request you may have, from secular to faith based, to woman, men, different insurance, location, etc. You fill the criteria and they suggest a list of Drs. You can read their profile and learn where they got their degrees, what is their specialty, years of experience etc.
Through that web site I found a wonderful therapyst. He helped me through the most difficuly period of my life. I started by myself and later my husband joined me. My marriage was in shambles because of an affair (his), and I knew I nedded help dealing with it, I did it FOR ME .Later, when my husband came around one of my conditions was that he would join me,and he did. I don't think anybody can put the saving of their marriage on the therapys hand, but certainly they shed a lot of light and make you do the work. You need somebody that would hold both accountable for your mistakes and is going to help you through them with clear goals and technics if you will. The most important part is finding somebody that fits you both, it may take a few tries, but don't give up. I don't know if you are a beleiver, but If you are I recomend somebody that has a christian base, because sometimes you find that secular therapy is very prompt to look to the divorce way instead of trying to work through the differences and holding on to the commintment you both made. I am not saying that every secular counseling would be that way. I am talking based on my experience.Sincerely I wish you the best and also put trust in God, who is all in for whole families :-)
the web site is (click on the top on support and confort, I beleive, and go to "find a therapys"

I am here if you need me...

PS: incidentaly,after two years I can tell you, our marriage did survive, with intense and ongoing work and God's help and guidance and a great Therapys (or two), our marriage IS becoming stronger each day. Perhaps stronger than ever before...(isn't it ironic?)

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Ken Johnson, M.A., LPC
East-West Psychotherapy Associates
2655 Dallas Hwy, #230
Marietta, GA 30064

Office is at the corner of Dallas Hwy. and Barrett Pkwy. Very convenient from Kennesaw/Marietta. Fabulous counselor!!!

Office hours are Mon-Thursday and has evening appts as late as 8:00 PM!

Good luck!



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Steve Brand is great! My husband went to him a few years ago, he uses the bible and he is Christian, the only answer to having a glorious marriage is with God. Here is his website. good luck.

S., married to the most wonderful may of 6 years with an 18 mos old baby boy



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Helen Vantine - her office is close to kennestone hospital in marietta.

I also have a son named Lance!

Good luck.



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HI Megan- good for you for trying to salvage a relationship rather than ending it the "easy way" _ Ihave heard of an excellent group called Parcalet?? sp - I think they have a couple offices but the one I know of is in Johns Creek area.
Good Luck- Pray!

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