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Updated on November 06, 2011
S.W. asks from Hastings, NE
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Hi moms! I need help with some side dish ideas for my soup recipe. I am making Brat stew and I need some ideas to serve on the side. I won a recipe contest and they are taking pictures of my food and they want it to look like something out of a magazine. My mind is blank and I can't think of anything to put with it! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! : )

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answers from Chicago on

some sort of cabbage salad and a basket of muffins or rolls and I would also put a dessert of some sort. maybe a pie w/slice out of it a pretty place mat and napkins

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answers from Dallas on

My first thought would be a gorgeous salad. I'm not sure how colorful your stew is, so maybe a side salad with bright fall colors of apples, asian pears, pomegranates, cranberries, walnuts etc.... Congrats on your winning dish!

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answers from Minneapolis on

A nice Artisan bread, sliced on the side.

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answers from Albany on

How 'bout a fabulous cabbage/vinegar based salad, sweet and sour, you know? Lots of color and big bright flavor!


(Congrats on your win!)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Sauerkraut. even if you dont eat it, nicely done and beautified with purple onions and some greens would be a nice side, with another plate of wonderful white artisan bread or some fluffy white bread slathered in butter sprinkled with dried basil or chive?

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answers from New York on

rice pilaf - I think rice is a great option - you can add sauteed onions, peas, diced bratwurst, parsley for color, etc. Stew is great poured over rice.

oven roasted potato wedges - sprinkled with salt, pepper, herbs

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answers from Richmond on

Cheesey garlic bread!! Can't get the last of that stew without sopping it up with some nice warm bread :) Congrats!

Or a nice, warm, plain braided bread with oregano flakes on top, or rosemary, that would compliment the strew as well...

I love bread ;)

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answers from Dover on

I would also go with the big green salad suggestion & maybe some corn muffins (got the idea from another post, ha!) because I always like some sort of bread with soups/stews & the color would be great in photos.

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answers from Appleton on

Brat stew? Beer bread, naturally! I love this one that was in USA Weekend a few months ago--it has an egg wash that makes the outside crunchy:

Congrats on the award! Can you share your stew recipe? Sounds intriguing!



answers from Minneapolis on

Bread for sure. I was just at Super Target and they had these cool pretzel dinner/sandwich rolls. That dark color might be a good contrast to yourstew and keep with the german theme.



answers from Milwaukee on

I can only think of some big crusty bread on the side or a nice salad. But would love to know if you would/can share the recipe? Always looking for something new and that sounds awesome and something my kids would eat....just asking...
Thanks, M.

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