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Updated on February 07, 2007
J.E. asks from Surprise, AZ
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I have a beautiful neice with down syndromeand I love her dearly. My question is if anyone would know of any representation for her to collect for her disability? I met some people who say that when their kids with disability were born the gov was paying that kid monthly and that it is their right. My sister has tried but was denied and now shes a single mom of 2 and its getting harderer if you guys have any info please please let me know thankx a lot ladies

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone I want to thank you for all your help. My neice does have ddd insurance so now my sister is trying to get ssi for her, hopefully thats going to help them out in the long run. I am so glad that you guys are around for me to ask. Thanx again

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Contact her pediatrician to get a referral to AZEIP and a child pscyhologist if she's younger than 3. Contact DDD up til age 6. AHCCCS is health insurance and takes 45 days to process. I don't know how you can collect money for her disability. It's more of insurance than anything.

Check out this website and ask them questions.

Check out the SSA website regarding qualifications.

Good Luck!



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Hi J. if she is 3 or older she can also apply for ALTCHS that is a great help when it comes to medical bills that are not or may not be cover by acchss. I woild love to hear more about your niece I have a three year old baby girl. hope this helps



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Hi J.,
My name is M. I think I can help you.I have a daughter who is disabled and gets ssi it is a little confusing,but yours definetly approves for all help even with DDD.If you are still interested let me know and i can steer you right place



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I don't know much about collecting for disability but you should go to her daycare and ask them about it because there is something called DDD than can help you out. Make sure she is receiving her massages and specialty care because that is very important. I wish all the best to your sister.



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I know some special needs children can get in-home childcare through the state. I am Respite certified through Guthrie Mainstream services, and they pay me to watch my friends special needs children.



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J., How old is your niece. If she is under three then she is entitled to AzEIP, the Arizona Early Intervention Program. You can find it on the web and get her evaluated and services. Also she is eligible for DDD and again can call them to be evaluated. She should be able to received her SS through the DDD. R.

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