HELP! 4 Yr Old Scratched NEW Flatscreen TV!

Updated on January 16, 2010
M.N. asks from Fort Collins, CO
8 answers

We just bought a new flat screen TV 3 1/2 weeks husband is reluctant to buy new things because he is afraid the children will damage them, and now this! Does anyone know a way to hide or cover scratches ON the screen itself? My 4yo said she did it with her finger nail?!?! My husband will be so furious when he notices, is there any way to cover them up? All ideas and suggestions are welcome!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

we have fingernail and fingerprint marks all over our flatscreen - so far, my husband has been able to get it out by using the special microfiber cloth that came with the tv. You can buy a cleaning kit, as well. I know WalMart has them, so any other store like that probably would, too. Our 4 year old has put gum on ours, and I had to use paper towels and glass cleaner to get that off. It worked and the tv is fine. We did the same thing when she drew with pen on it - although she insists it was her sister since it was her sister's name written on the tv. Her sister is two...Anyway, so far we've been able to get these lovely marks out. We're saving up to buy an entertainment center that will keep the tv out of reach of our helpful 4 year old and have made a new rule that she is not allowed to touch the tv except to turn it on or off. We'll see how this goes! Good luck to you!



answers from Denver on

I dont know of a way to remove the scratches but you can purchase screen protectors for the TV. I know that Best Buy carries them and they are worth the investment, any they are super easy to install. They also clean up easy.



answers from Pocatello on

So far anything the kids have done to our screens, I have been able to clean off with a cloth and windex, used in small doses. (tv and computer) The best deterant I have found is a play yard. I bought one and put it around the tv, it kept the little ones out and the older ones can be taught to stay away. It also fit around the entertaiinment center. An intertainment center doesn't work unless there is a glass or something in front of the tv itself, they just don't hold the tv very high.



answers from Grand Junction on

Most flat screen tv's come with a warranty...or the store you bought it from may have given you something - if i were you I would get on the phone and start calling the manufacturer and see if you can get a replacement...b/c i do not believe there is any way possible to fix it...and i dont want to tell you to lie...but they might not give you a new one if the situation was your fault...just think about that and get your story straight before you call :)



answers from Fort Collins on

Good luck fixing that. If you find a way please let me know and we are in the markest for a flat screen. Love you, and I hope your DH has patience on this issue.



answers from Denver on

Sorry, I don't have any advise, my son scratched our screen as well, but it isn't noticeable when the tv is on. Have you thought about mounting it to the wall so she can't reach it?



answers from Houston on

My problem was different, sorry. My son smeared gum all over our flat screen while I was in the bath...still haven't figured out why. I used Goo Gone to get the gum off, then LOTS of window cleaner to clear the residue (Goo gone is a little bit "greasy"). I still have one small spot I can see, but that was where the gum was really thick, so I may not have gotten all of it. Round two tomorrow, but I'm hoping my husband won't notice and my son will only spend the weekend in his room without Wii, DS, or TV.



answers from Provo on

We have a scratch on our flatscreen. My 3 year old did it in the blink of an eye. Much outrage from my husband and a quiet talk with my son have kept him from touching the TV anymore -- but the damage is done. Thankfully, even though we know it is there it doesn't show up much when we are watching TV and who looks at the TV when it isn't on? And this isn't a scratch in the corner or somewhere out of the way -- it's right in the middle of the screen (he was playing light sabers... need I say more?). Enjoy the new flatscreen, look past the scratch, and let your husband use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about respect for property and being careful around fragile things.

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