HELP! 30 Weeks, Need Advice OB/GYN in Washington, South Hills - Vbac/c-sections

Updated on July 09, 2009
M.P. asks from Canonsburg, PA
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Hi! I posted awhile back about should I or shouldn't I try VBAC. I'm still undecided at this point. My first daughter was vaginal, second was c-section due to breech presentation, and now I'm prego with #3 and I'm 30 weeks along. I have been seeing Washington OB/GYN Associaties in McMurray and they are part of Washington Hospital. They're close to me and despite that I sometimes feel rushed by a few of the doctors during checkups, all has been good. However, I'm starting to get nervous now as it's a small hospital compared to Magee where I had my c-section delivery and there are so many doctors in this practice and I have no idea of how good they are. Was wondering if anyone has experience with VBAC or C-Section with this practice? Starting to wonder if it's smart to attempt a VBAC with this group or if I should go back to a my old practice in Oakland to deliver at Magee??? OR, maybe a dr. out of St. Clair??? (which I know NOTHING about either.) The more I read about the risks the more I worry that me and my baby are in the best place for either a VBAC or C-Section. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, if you live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh (McMurray area or surrounding) and have had a successful VBAC or C-section, could you please recommend your Dr. to me? I know it's a little late to make a change but at this point, I haven't even seen all the doctors in my current practice. Thanks! M.

P.S. - My husband is worried about going to the Washington Hospital. He feels that I'd be better at Magee and recently expressed this concern to me. We are not originally from around here.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for your responses! Due to the nature of my situation I felt it best to call up my old practice in Oakland (out of Magee - Pittsburgh OB/GYN)and I'm just going to switch back as of next week. It's a bit of an inconvenience with the drive time but I think that it's more important that I'm in a great hospital with a group of doctors that I completely trust. Wish me luck! :)

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Hi M.!

Congrats on #3! Here's my story that may help you out a bit: I have 3 healthy happy kids- 1st was vaginal, 2nd was C-Section, 3rd was VBAC...similar path...!(VBAC was 9lbs 1oz and no problems at all!)

I left my practice in Mt. Lebanon after being so disappointed with the "hurry up" attitude and just feeling like a number kind of thing...upon advice from an old college friend in Boston who said, "Jen, you need to find some midwives if you want great care and a personal touch."

SO...I did..and we've never looked back. They are true gifts to women and families having babies. Their
philosophy is that a woman should be in control of her own health care, including her birth experience. They are incredibly intelligent and capable but they also LISTEN to through the various options so that YOU get to decide what feels best for you...not based on all the fear but based on real facts(and trust me they know their stuff when it comes to giving birth!)

My first baby was actually born at the Birth Center and it was awesome!(no during the entire process...unbelieveable!) My 2nd was breech(like you) and we tried a version but he wouldn't turn so we had the C-section(the midwife was there supporting us and taking pictures!) and the 3rd baby was a VBAC so I needed to be in the hospital(couldn't do the birth center) but other than having to be at the proceeded naturally and without complication with the midwife. I was at AGH which was wonderful.

The MD's that the midwives work with (and the one who did my Csection) are FABULOUS as well. Dr. Thomas, who did my section was massaging me before the operation and helping me to you're in good hands no matter what you decide.

Birth is such a personal experience and we all have decide what's important for each of us. There's no 'right way' or 'wrong way''s what's best for each person.
For me, being listened to and partnered with by very capable and oh so knowledgeable practioners where I felt so comfortable to ask questions, to get concerns cleared up, to weigh the options and get all the facts to come to a decision that I felt great about...was priceless. My gratitude for them is endless.

You may wish to call them and go's worth sitting down with them and getting the true facts(my husband was very skeptical but he is as big a fan of them as me now!)
They are in the Strip District and I have known them to take women in the last trimester but don't know much about that policy..there website is and the phone is ###-###-####. Good luck with whatever you decide! Keep me posted! Feel free to email me and I'll give you my number if you want to talk! [email protected]



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Hi M. - I had 2 children at Magee (both C.) I saw the Woman Care Assoicates, and really liked the group. They have an office near South Hills Village Mall, by Bed Bath & Beyond.

I saw doctors at 3 different Women Care offices over the last 5 years due to moving & changing where I work. I liked all but one doctor (who has since retired.)

Best of luck to you!


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St.Clair hospital is EXCELLENT, and I highly recommend Dr. Bulseco and her group. The Dr.s there saved my dd's life (I also had an emergency c-section with #2).
I have done a fair amount of research on VBACs and wouldn't risk it. There is a chance of the old scar spitting, plus other risks. Yes, c-sections themselves carry some risk but I even so think a repeat one is better than a VBAC. Just IMO. You will probably get more people feeling strony about VBACing.



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After reading your question I thought I would toss my two cents in and then I saw that Jen O has already said everything I was going to say. I live in Canonsburg and the trip into the strip is fast and simple. Their practice is so comforting and I never felt more reassured than after a visit with the Midwives. The empowerment is wonderful and their knowledge base is extraordinary! During my first pregnancy, I was with a group of Dr.s and always felt rushed. At a time when you are nervous and have questions you want to be heard. Midway in my first pregnancy, I changed over to the midwives and I now have 3 perfect children and 3 beautiful birth stories to tell. It is worth your time to at least look into it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Good Luck!!!

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