Heeelp, My New House Has Problems , but My Warranty Doesn't Cover It

Updated on September 01, 2008
R.T. asks from Garland, TX
5 answers

We have a 3 year old brick home. The brick is starting to change color and we fear it is defective. But our warranty doesn't cover brick after 2 years. Does anyone know a good inspector to come and diagnose the problem. Thanks

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answers from Dallas on

Materials like brick and roofing shingles have a manufactors warranty that is separate and longer than the labor warranty.

Ask your contractor to follow up on it. If he won't, ask for the manufactors address and tel. then you contact them.

Mighty strange. I have been in the consruction business most of my life and have never seen brick fade in 2 years. If it is adobe it will begin to crumble and melt after a much longer time!!

Write letters, write letters, write letters! Make sure everything you say to the contractor (and his response) is documented in a follow-up letter.

My daddy always said that the only letter you ever need is the one you didn't write. And don't forget to date it.

Good luck.



answers from Dallas on

Bill Biggs at Lake Cities Inspection is awesome and VERY thorough. He is also an engineer so he does much more than just fill out a checklist. His number is ###-###-####.



answers from Dallas on

I just had an inspection done on a home that I am purchasing. The inspector's name is Clif Finley of Oneinspection. He was great, thorough and affordable. His number is ###-###-#### (c) or ###-###-#### (h).

I hope the best for you all.

G. Roberts



answers from Dallas on

I can highly recommend an inspector. His name is Tom Deschenes of Premium Home Inspections. His number is ###-###-####. Sorry, don't have a lawyer's name. Good luck, I hope you can get it resolved.



answers from Dallas on

Check to see if you have a separate HOW warranty from the builder. It should cover anything (at least structural) for 10 years.

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