Heavy Feeling While Pregnant

Updated on June 12, 2008
T.C. asks from Mundelein, IL
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I feel silly asking this as this is my 2nd pregnancy (I have a 2 yr. old). Anyhow, I'm feeling something that I don't remember feeling w/ my son & I'm curious. I'm 21 weeks pregnant & I'm showing a lot b/c I'm small. For the past two days, for just a few hours in the evening, my belly under my belly button has felt really heavy. If I lift it up a little w/ my hand I get instant relief. It's sometimes uncomfortable to stand or walk (not painful, just heavy). I know it could be b/c of the baby's position, but she is only 1 lb. now. Is this what maternity belts are for...to help carry the load? I'm just concerned that if I feel this now, how will I feel when the baby is 7 x as heavy?! Has anyone experienced this?

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Congrats on #2. I felt the SAME way when I was carrying my second. I swear I thought he was going to fall out sometimes. Lol. Things are probably a little stretched out from the first one, I guess. As the pregnancy went on and he moved around and laid differntly, I lost that feeling.

And having two is so much fun (and work). My son (Jacob) was 26 months when his little brother (Ryan) came. They are now 3 and 10 months and it's just awesome to see them interact. They absolutely adore each other and we could see Ryan get excited at the sound of his brother at a very young age.

Good luck!


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give the belt a try - it isn't pretty but it did alleviate the heavy feeling right away!



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Try the maternity belt, it works wonders! I walk like a drunk duck without the belt & when I wear it, it takes all of the pressure off. It works wonders! I bought mine at Motherhood Maternity for $15.

Good Luck!



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I had this with two of my three pregnancies. It makes you feel extra tired. I think I walked around pulling my stomach up half of the day! I tried the belt and it did give some relief. Another way for some temporary relief is to float in a pool or bathtub. Hang in there!



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I felt that a lot in my second trimester. It's likely just the way the baby is positioned. I know it seems odd to think, "hey there's only a 1lb baby in there, this is too heavy" but remember there's a couple pounds of placenta, extra blood, amniotic fluid, boy that stuff adds up.



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Hi T.,

congratulations on #2. I am kind of in the same boat. Pregnant with #2 (19 weeks) and having a heavy belly just where you mentioned it. In the front just below navel. Last week I bought one of these maternity support belts (Anita is the brand name) and it helps a lot. Sure it will be a hot summer, but I basically stopped exercising, even taking walks because my belly hurt so much. Now I feel much better and anyway you can hide the belt under your t-shirt so it doesn't show.

I also wondered why that is so. Am I overstreched from #1? Not sure. Actually I felt I was in better shape than with #1 when I got pregnant again. I think now it is positioning. Cause I'm growing all in the front. I look like 6-7 months with #1 and all the weight and stretching concentrated in the front might cause the pain.

Talk to your midwife/OB about this, many insurances actually pay (maybe you can claim back pain, that's what these belts are originally made for).

Good luck!


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