Healthy Snacks While Breastfeeding - Saint Paul,MN

Updated on October 28, 2010
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am constantly hungry but dont have time or energy to make something for myself evrytime. So looking for some helthy snacks that are ready to eat. I generally grab some dry fruits or cereal or just milk. Looking for more options as I am bored with these.....

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answers from Phoenix on

Chips and salsa, veggies and hummus, granola bars, trail mix, fresh fruit are some ideas that come to mind.

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answers from Spokane on

I found protein bars were great. Cut up a bunch of fruit and veggies and keep them on hand in the fridge. Bake a bunch of muffins and freeze - a few minutes in the microwave (or take a few out in the morning) and voila! Buy or make some whole wheat cheese buns. Throw some ham and swiss cheese into a sammie. Fruit cups. Mixed nuts with raisins.

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answers from Gainesville on

Apple and peanut butter with skim milk, Luna bars, turkey and low-fat cheese rolled up, Laughing cow cheese wedges and grapes.


answers from Pocatello on

well remember protein is great while breast feeding. I loved to eat hard boiled eggs. I know that might seem kinda weird but they really fill you up and are low calorie. Also mixed nuts, granola bars, yogurt with granola or crackers and cheese.



answers from Minneapolis on

I always had some type of trail mix around the house. I would some into small containers that way when I was hungry I could just grab one. I always seemed to be hungry when my baby was nursing so I would grab one and a bottle of water before I started to nurse.



answers from Milwaukee on

I kept a lot of things on hand to grab between feedings. Low fat yogurt with granola was a good one (and gives you a calcium and protein boost). A handful of nuts for filling protein. A bowl of instant oatmeal is pretty filling and you can add nuts and fruit. Fresh fruit, fresh veggies with hummus, English muffin with peanut or other nut butter, hard boiled egg, granola bars, popcorn (which is a whole grain!), string cheese. Look for Lara bars at the store; they only contain dried fruit and nuts, and they are very portable. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, they have soy and flaxseed tortilla chips that are yummy and have lots of protein and Omega-3s; add your favorite salsa.



answers from Minneapolis on

You're not alone...When I was breastfeeding, my jaws actually hurt because I was eating so much! Here's a good key: when breastfeeding, you need protein.

Assuming you're not obese, you should NOT eat like you did before you became a mom. It's healthier to eat what your body craves, which is fat and protein. Not just fill up on carbs and sugars. You will not get fat.

Here's what I learned to eat:
* Whole carrots have awesome flavor. I hated those nasty, slimy "baby carrots"
* Hard boiled organic eggs - cook up a dozen at a time and keep in the fridge
* Whole milk - non-rGH (whole milk keeps you satisfied longer, you need the fat for the baby)
* Peanut or almond butter - I used to eat spoonfuls of it. You can also dip in apple slices. Real peanut butter has peanuts in the ingredient list, and nothing else.
* Trail mix
* Remember to drink lots of water-stay hydrated!
* The prepackaged shake options are good too. Just watch out for too much sugar. Same with granola and protein bars like Nutribars, there is a LOT of sugar in these!



answers from Minneapolis on

A protein meal replacement is a great low-calorie way to get good protein and carbs. Protein bars are also an easy way to do it. Make sure you read the labels on the products you are looking at - you don't want to add in a lot of extra sugar.

I'm a personal wellness coach - I would be happy to make some specific recommendations for you if you want to e-mail M.. Getting more protein is going to help you with your energy level as well!



answers from Madison on

Lots of water.
Granola/cereal bars. I like the Kashi brand.
Kashi or other whole grain crackers (+ cheese).
Whole milk and whole milk yogurt.
Mixed nuts.
Apples and bananas are very filling too.


answers from Los Angeles on

mild cheese.



answers from Minneapolis on

Each morning, make yourself up a plate of healthy snacks that you can store in the fridge and just grab as needed (or better yet, have your husband/partner do this!). Lunch meat, cheese, crackers, cut up veggies and fruit, etc - anything you can eat with one hand is great! When I was nursing I loved yogurt smoothies, though I don't see them at the store anymore, but maybe you could make up a pitcher to keep in the fridge as well.



answers from Bellingham on

I loved melon. Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe. You can cut it up in pieces and store in for later. Really helps with that thirst you can get with BFing. : )

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