Healthy Snacks for Preschool

Updated on September 10, 2008
A.N. asks from Green Lane, PA
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Hi! I'm looking for some healthy snack ideas for my daughter's preschool. They are very strict about healthy, non-allergen snacks. There must be two food groups in each snack. I send her with 100% fruit juice, so I am looking for whole grain and protein snacks that contain no nuts and are not processed in a facility that handles nuts. Individually-wrapped foods would be great since I must label anything that I pack in a baggie (what it is and stating that there are no nut ingredients). I'm looking for some easy ideas aside from Goldfish and cheese sticks. Thanks!

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answers from Toledo on

Hi A.,

My Meg's in 4th grade now, but I remember a snack that her preschool teachers (and kids) loved: individual snack baggies of crackers, small square-sliced ham, and small square-sliced cheese. I cut the slices of cheese and ham into smaller squares, so it took some time, but they all loved it.

Next yr will be my twins' turn, and I think mini muffins served w/ a fruit (grapes?) would be enjoyed, too.


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answers from Fort Wayne on

If yours is like my son's preschool, they only allow packaged foods to be brought in as a snack. They won't let anything handmade be given, unless it's something for a birthday. So, I usually send in bundles of bananas, individual cups of applesauce, handi snacks, stuff like that.

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answers from Cleveland on

Ever try fruit snacks? Are you bringing snacks everyday, not understanding that because my son is in preschool and my older one was also and snacks were provided and drinks were provided. They passed out pretzels, goldfish different types of dry cereal. So you can grab some ideas from that I guess if you have to bring your own snacks. If you belong to BJ's or Sams go there and buy it in bulk and you may get ideas from just looking around.

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answers from Dayton on

It's the same at my daughter's school too. I pack yogurt tubes, cheese squares, and grapes in a small pouch with an ice pack and alternate that with pretzels, granola bars, etc. I'm also going to make some banana and oatmeal muffins (and then experiment with other types of healthy muffins) to send along with her.

I'm going to try this without the walnuts:

Best wishes! I look forward to seeing other posts for different ideas!

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answers from Toledo on

Apple Dippers are now at grocery stores, I have seen them at Walmart. Dip them in some penut better or carmel sauce and send Milk as a drink. Or the Grab N Go snack packs of cereal or cookies. I just bought some Fruit Chillers that u freeze and them eat like ice cream, but they are fruit (don't know if my kids like them or not yet lol). I hope that helps, good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

My kids love fruit, so I have lots of ideas on that. They love the individual boxes of raisins, and now they even have 100 calorie packs of Craisins dried Cranberries (they are fruit, but have some sugar added, but still getting fruit into them instead of just junk). We also do "fruit leather", there is a brand that I can't think of the name of, that is 100% organic fruit, made into strips so it looks like the junky fruit roll ups. There is also dried fruit that comes in bags and are crunchy little bits of dried apple, pineapple, mango, etc. that is also in health food stores. I also buy the little cups of 100% Motts Applesauce and the little cups of DelMonte fruit in fruit juice.

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