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Updated on October 27, 2010
S.B. asks from New York, NY
11 answers

What are some healthy snacks that my kids can eat when they come home from school? They do not get home until 3:45pm. To me that is really close to supper time. I need some light snack suggestions that will hold them over until 6pm. They are not allergic to anything.

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answers from Bakersfield on

apples or bananas or celery with peanut butter. Or all 3 at one time. Just slice up the fruit and put some peanut butter on a plate and let them do the spreading. Fun times.

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answers from Las Vegas on

carrots, peanuts, salad, fruit, popcorn.

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answers from Columbus on

Nuts or a trail mix (you could make your own - bag of nuts, throw in some raisins, chex cereal, etc)

Cheese & crackers

Yogurt (you could freeze yogurt in little containers so it seems like ice cream)

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answers from Seattle on

Carrots, celery and ranch is a must in our house...along with grapes, bananas, and yogurt!

I loved graham crackers and milk as an after school snack when I was in school...

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answers from Austin on

Small bowl of non sugar cereal,
cheese toast
small smoothie.
frozen bananas.
peanut butter and pretzels
English muffin with cheese or peanut butter.
carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber slices with low fat dip.

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answers from Los Angeles on

cheese sticks (string cheese), kefir (yogurt juice as it's called in our house), popcorn on occassion...

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answers from Houston on

peanut butter on apples, cheese and crackers, turkey roll ups, cheese quesidillas, hard boiled egg with a little salt and pepper, avocado with a little salt and pepper, salsa with chips, pretzels, trail mix, peanut butter on celery, carrot sticks with ranch dip, handful of mixed nuts, graham cracker with a little bit of nutella spread on and topped with chopped strawberries, bannana, grapes, string cheese, raisins, yogurt, rice cake, fruit smoothie, english muffin pizza...

I'm getting hungry!

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answers from Dover on

Fruit, celery or carrots, apple sauce, string cheese, toast w/ peanut butter, crackers. Pair w/ a small glass of milk and that should hold them over.



answers from Philadelphia on

1. dried mango
2. fresh cut red peppers
3. carrots
4. veggie with dip
5. stonybrook yogurt ( better yogurt doesn't have all that sugar)
6. grapes
7. cheese
8. my kids always LOVE when I make a face out of food. Ex. The hair would be cheese, the eyes grapes and so on.
9. celery with peanut butter
10. walnuts good for the brain



answers from Detroit on

You've gotten some great ideas so far...I also have a recipe for pumpkin muffins that is full of healthy stuff that I can send to you in a message if you want.



answers from Kansas City on

My daughter loves dried fruit and nut mixes. We give her that or a little plate of veggies with hummus or ranch. A string cheese or an apple would be a very light snack as well.

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