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Updated on September 01, 2008
L.L. asks from Tulsa, OK
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Ok, so I need to lose around 45lbs. My question is do any of you ladies know of some healthy snacks that don't have to be refridgated. I am in school full time and I work full time, so I am not home much, nor do I have access to a fridge to put cold snacks in. I need easy healthy recipes also. My husband has almost 100 lbs to lose, so any advice would be great..... thanks ladies.

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answers from Tulsa on

There's always ye old rice cakes..blech. I lost 45 lbs in a bout 3 months using a program called Isagenix. Healthy, no side affects for me, and they have several prepackaged snack options that don't have to be refrigerated.

Some of those snack options are very similar in construction to candy bars, but they are a little blander than candy bars. The side affect of the "candy bars" is a compound that helps curb the need for the snack.

I've been off the program for about 2 months and I haven't gained the weight back either.

My tu cents.



answers from Tulsa on

Pack a small bag of mircoweav popcorn, some carrot sticks to Started with. I would also check the ADA , food network, and D life web sites for some good recipes for losing weight. I know I have lost weight on my food plan for diabetes. I hope that gives you a starting point.



answers from Springfield on

Trail Mix, in moderation, would be good. The nuts would give you the kick of protein you'll need to keep your energy up. Just be sure it's not full of that high calorie sugar coated dried fruit or even worse, M&M's. Nuts and raisins alone would probably be best. You can also just take along a fresh apple or banana. Fat free pretzels and unbuttered, air-popped popcorn (sprinkled with seasoned salt) are good for that salty crunchy craving. Just watch your portions. Good luck L.! (By the way-I have a 26 mo old daughter who also thinks she is going on 21!)



answers from Tulsa on

Some great ways to lose weight are to have healthy snacks on hand. Usually though most people don't know what to eat!?
So great question!!Some ideas to supress teh cravings are
*almonds (gives you good fats and supresses appetites)
*drink more water (a sign of dehydration is HUNGER)
*whole wheat low cal tortilla wrap with fat free refried beans

You could always pack a mini igloo cooler to have next to you like a brief case with a mini freezy pack to help keep things cool too.




answers from Tulsa on

The healthiest food on the planet, fresh fruits and veggies, do not need to be cold. Also, fresh, raw soaked nuts also do not need to be cold.

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