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Updated on January 29, 2010
S.A. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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My husband is thinking of switching our current health insurance to something called Avalon. I've never heard of it and I am kind of nervous about it. Has anyone ever heard of it and is it good or bad?

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answers from Boston on

S. ,

Call them to find out if they take your Doctors and pharmacy. Make sure you will have prescription coverage. Knowledge is power!!! Thats what I had to do when finding insurance for my mom.

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answers from Boston on

I would check with your state's insurance board to see if they have any complaints. I'd also search the internet for( avalon health insurance complaints or problems -toyota ) and see what comes up. Your doctor and pharmacy may also have opinions on them.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I haven't heard of it, but here's a website to check the medications you may already be taking to see if they're covered under the plan.

One word of advice, though - formularies (approved drug lists) change ALL the time, so what may be approved and cheap today may be kicked off tomorrow.

Also, I'd really check into what benefits are covered (even if something seems like it would never happen). We never expected I would get diagnosed with cancer 2 days before my 33rd birthday 18 months ago. Thank God we had good insurance who took amazing care of us. Sometimes, the higher premiums are well-worth it in the end.

My relatively easy to treat cancer has likely cost $250 since being diagnosed until today because of all the follow-up. And, all my chemo meds were generic (@ $1200/treatment X 12)

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answers from Provo on

Check out C. Pacific Insurance at
They offer free advice and quotes for most carries so you can compare Avalon to other companies.

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